In the past 2 years, Postis has seen an accelerated demand of its service, with 50+ companies relying their distribution and delivery operations on the Postis Platform. The demand has surged following the COVID-19 pandemic, as traditional retailers needed to move their sales to online channels and they needed to do it fast.

As a result, Postis boosts its Customer Success Management service and welcomes Cosmin Stănescu, who takes the leadership of the CSM Team.


Our platform for distribution and delivery optimization is built to serve any type of business or product category. It is designed to integrate with any digital system the customer already uses. The business logic behind it takes all complexities from our customers’ shoulders, providing automated optimization processes, streamlined data, simple to use visualizations and reports, real time visibility along their entire delivery processes.

In order to make sure our customers have the best sets of functionalities for their business at any given time, we provide consultancy services for free. In this way, we help our customers to continuously improve their operations with new functionalities, partners and systems integration and make sure their business stays in good shape all the way.

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis


Cosmin brings to Postis 15 years of experience in tech support and system admin in leading multinational IT&C companies.

In his new role, he will coordinate the relations with our customers to make sure they make the best of the tools we provide and support them to achieve operational excellency. His team provides services like process consultancy, platform on-boarding, optimization scripting, user training, troubleshooting and lifetime support.


After 15 years of working in corporations, I came to Postis to use my skills and expertise in a better way. Postis brings advanced techs and data science to asset centric and manual labor intensive flows, which need process rethinking and business redesign. Even though the platform is automated and self-learning, the functionalities and business logic evolve continuously, together with our customers’ needs. We are here to help them along their entire journey.”

Cosmin Stănescu, Customer Success Manager


For more background info or if you want to connect with Cosmin, get to his LinkedIn profile.