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A big retailer with hundreds of physical stores transitioning to omnichannel, aiming to optimize and scale the business processes started using the Postis platform for smart delivery management. In 1 year the company saved more than 10% of the total transport budget.

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benefits in 3 years

Time to deliver
90% next day
transport cost
10% savings
customer calls
25% decrease
Transport options

An international 4PL logistics group wishing to go digital started using the Postis solution for real-time shipments tracking. In 6 months the company went full scale with +90% adoption rate

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benefits in 3 years

Information of delivery
Proof of delivery
Avarage time to bill
3 days
Drivers adoption rate

An e-commerce company operating in multiple countries in the region started using the Postis platform for smart delivery management. In 3 months the business registered significant improvements on all operational KPIs.

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benefits in 3 years

Delivery notes
Transport cost
20% savings
Customer calls
15% decrease
Avg time to delivery
3 days
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Postis always delivers

"After deciding to use Postis as a service, in one month and a half, we were sending our first parcels (including testing). Now, with more than a year from our first parcels, we are sure we made the right choice.  We activate in a dynamic market with companies and services changing every day, and with Postis’ help, we can make changes in real-time."

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Carmina Stan
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"We achieved a 10% reduction of the delivery costs, total transparency over the platform, and great support from our Postis partners who were there for us to answer even to the most complex questions. I remember soon after implementation the first Black Friday came and we managed the massive number of orders only through the Postis platform. It was the first time when we were able to see and manage in real-time the orders by status, geography and carriers. This was a huge step forward as we were now able to make real-time decisions to increase the delivery services quality for our customers."

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Catalin Cirnaru
Logistics Director
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"We strongly recommend Postis as an excellent partner. The collaboration and communication with the Postis teams have always been extremely productive. We received excellent support and the most appropriate and efficient solutions during and after the implementation. They understand our business needs and have been there for us since the early days, supporting us with the optimization of the last-mile delivery services each and every day."

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Vlad Tarziu
Warehouse Account Manager
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