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Delivery automation

Smart order dispatch powered by data science and automation

Reach unparalleled levels for your delivery quality and performance with market proven optimization scripts, continuously upgraded by machine-learning.

See how to use data and automation for your business

Optimization for any business objective

cost reduction, productivity growth, delivery enhancement, customer engagement, process simplification and more

End-to-end automation

from order collection, carrier dispatch, picking validation and delivery, to customer feedback and returns management

Data-driven decision making

aggregated data related to product, territory, contractual terms, customer experience, carrier performance

Best delivery option in less than 1 second

from order automated collection on any sales channel, to carrier selection and AWB push-to-print

Say goodbye to manual work

With all your sales channels and all delivery solutions integrated in one single place, Postis Platform aggregates data along your entire last-mile journey. Information related to product, packaging, pick-up point, place of delivery, customers' choices, SLAs, cost, carrier capabilities and previous performance is automatically collected and used to select the best delivery option for each individual order.
Multi-criteria, multi-stage optimization scenarios are created specifically for your logistics eco-system and business objectives and they are continuously refined by powerful machine-learning algorithms, fueled by the largest logistics and delivery dataset available in the market.

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Welcome to the best match for product, customer, and the place they meet

Every product has its own needs during delivery, depending on size, value, fragility, or weight. Also, every customer has his own schedule, needs and expectations. This is why Postis Platform automatically selects the right delivery option for each and every parcel, combining other important criteria such as cost, urgency, customer journey or added value services.

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Turn every successful delivery into the next sales opportunity

Did you know that, on average, every failed delivery leads to six orders that will not come from that respective customer in the future?
Your product catalogue, shopping cart, warehouse management system, e-fulfillers and transport providers need to work together as one team. And process perfectly each delivery.

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Set your rules once, then let the autopilot improve them with machine-learning

Postis Platform embeds dozens of optimization rules, fine-tuned, hardened and proven in most complex and diverse business typologies, logistics networks or range of products. Starting with your business objective in mind, you can apply a ready-made script or create new ones, tailored to your delivery journey. Then, you can see the results and fine-tune it yourself. Or let the Postis Autopilot optimize it for you with machine-learning, based on your performance against market best practices.

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Why should you care about distribution and delivery automation

  • reduce your time-to-delivery

  • improve your picking, packing and validation processes

  • enable a full customer delivery decision

  • reduce the number of failed deliveries

  • achieve real-time optimal delivery decisions

  • enable customer driven logistics

The most advanced way to turn your delivery processes into strategic business enablers
Start your trial now and empower your last-mile today with data science and machine-learning. >

Hundreds of companies rely on our automated selection for best delivery option

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Nume Prenume
Eduard Sîrbu

"We chose Postis because they have the most complex solution for distribution and delivery management and optimization. For us, it was important to improve the cost efficiency and process management, but it was crucial that the new technologies would allow us to simplify the customer journey, build new experiences for our customers and set a solid ground for future development. The Postis Platform allows us to do all these, with full control and agile deployment."

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Eduard Sîrbu
Logistic & Administration Manager, Intersport
Cristina Popa

"We believe it is exactly this free spirit and focus on growing and winning together as a team, that made Noriel THE PLACE to go to when looking for the best of the best toys and games. We plan to continue building, with even more courage. We believe there is no such thing as dreaming too big and our main plan for the future is to inspire children to think the same. And partners like Postis help us implement this vision and keep our promise every time. In this way, it’s great playing, it’s great growing!"

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Cristina Popa
E-Commerce Director Noriel