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Boost your processes, infrastructure and experience, and get ready for the next growth cycle.

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More than 200 delivery options already integrated, available anywhere, for any product

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Master all your last-mile delivery processes, in one single platform

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Give your shoppers customized experiences and full transparency, Click-to-Door

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All deliveries can be tracked in real time, from any retailer, through any courier

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All your IT systems and processes work together, automatically

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Your entire last-mile journey, a single platform to rule it all

No matter the industry, Postis Platform helps you to accelerate your last-mile digital transformation and improve the way you deliver every day.

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Customer experience

Your customers’ engagement does not end at the check-out, but it extends during delivery and post-delivery. Turn your last-mile processes into differentiating brand experiences with operational excellency, delivery customization, customer interaction and actionable feedback.

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When you need to find the best balance between hundreds of product types, different customer expectations, expanding territorial coverage and variating carrier performance, data driven decisions and process automation come to help.
Postis Platform empowers your last-mile journey with state-of-the-art digital technologies and automates the selection of best delivery option.

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Keep your logistics and delivery under control, regardless how complex your processes are and how fast your business grows. With Postis Platform, you have an integrated control tower over the entire value-chain, with real-time management of all your deliveries and powerful dashboards and data analytics to track performance by territory, period or carrier.

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Postis Platform is the simplest way to get instant access to most of the local or international carriers, with one simple API integration. Regardless your range of product, destination, customer journey or logistics specificity, you’ll always find the best delivery option. And if you don't find your carrier option in our catalogue, we'll integrate it for you, free of charge, in a matter of days.

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Hundreds of businesses use Postis to deliver the right way, every day

How Postis Platform works

Postis Platform bridges your e-commerce platform, marketplace, ERP or WMS with all significant delivery options, to seamlessly orchestrate data traffic in order to enable data driven decisions. This way, you automate the allocation of best delivery option and use valuable process and customer insights to improve your business.

Innovation for continuous progress

Forget about
manual work

Goodbye errors and rework, farewell messy reports, hello time saved for development and your customer

Empower your business decisions

Data driven decisions, machine learning optimization, process automation to get the best option, every time

Scale up and
lead your competition

Higher speed and improved flexibility to seize every opportunity and grow your business faster than competition

Offer unmatchable customer experiences

Meet your customers expectations with seamless processes, go beyond and create memorable experiences

Intuitive feedback, evaluation and NPS modules | Qualitative data on delivery performance

postis platform screenshot

Statistical analysis on orders and overall performance, detailed at county and city level

postis platform screenshot - performance

Detailed custom reports and fast info export, API integration with business management systems

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What we do for our customers

Reduce your costs
Reduce costs
600K €
Delivery budget saved
Client satisfaction
Efficiency rate

“In the first 3 years of partnership with Postis, more than EUR 600,000 were saved from our delivery budget, achieving at the same time a 25% customer satisfaction improvement, a 20% process efficiency improvement across the entire order to delivery journey and a significant diversification in delivery options.”

How to Reduce your costs
Automate processes
Impeccable click-to-door experience
Control and clarity over supply-chain processes

“In e-commerce, it is not about buying books, perfumes, household goods or anything else. It is all about customer’s journey. This is our most important concern and we focus on offering each client a special experience from the moment he or she accesses our website to delivery. Choosing the right delivery solution for each customer is a challenging process until you find the appropriate partner. With Postis, we achieved better control on several processes in our delivery chain and, accordingly, a better customer satisfaction.”

How you can automate your processes
optimize deliveries
Over 40 K products integration
Accelerated operations transformation

“ online platform integrates more than 40,000 products. Given the changing market context and customer behaviors, we aim to increase the number of people that will be able to buy from us, we grow our territorial reach and we accelerate our operations transformation. With partners like Postis, all these become possible and easier to achieve.”

How you can optimize your delivery
Improve distribution
Optimal replenishment
Agile scaling

"We believe it is exactly the free spirit and focus on growing and winning together as a team, that made Noriel THE PLACE to go to when looking for the best of the best toys and games. We plan to continue building, with even more courage. We believe there is no such thing as dreaming too big and our main plan for the future is to inspire children to think the same. And partners like Postis help us implement this vision and keep our promise every time. In this way, it’s great playing, it’s great growing!”

How you can improve your distribution
Increase sales
Customer centric
24/7 business

“Our service is customer centric, making every process or interaction simple, fast, effective. And, with Postis, we have the best partners on our side to allow us to take our "best quality for the right price" approach everywhere in Europe.”

How you can increase your sales
Simplify IT eco-system
Data based
Agile expansion and implementation

“We chose Postis because they have the most complex solution for distribution and delivery management optimization. For us, it was important to improve cost-efficiency and process management. But it was crucial to simplify the customer journey with new technologies, build new experiences for our customers, and set a solid ground for future development. The Postis platform allows us to do all this, with full control and agile deployment.”

How you can simplify yout IT eco-system
improve customer satisfaction
Personalized customer experiences
Seamless system integration

“When it is read, a book becomes a personal experience. We offer unique stories, special feelings, imaginary travels, this is the business of Nemira. And everything we do is built around this personal experience of readers with books.We started our partnership with Postis to implement this vision right into our customers' online journey to order and receive books. Postis Platform integrates seamlessly with our core systems and our delivery partners and make journeys simpler, faster, friendlier with us and, most of all, with our readers."

How you can improve customer satisfaction
Improve productivity
Sustainability and long-term vision
New e-commerce standards

“We have been and we will always be an active part of the society and we will always bring something new to make life better. We used returns management processes as an enabler for reusable packaging for our books. We are confident that our public is ready for a shift of paradigm and together with partners like Postis, we will set new standards for the entire e-commerce community”.

How you can improve your productivity

The Postis Effect

Postis Platform transforms legacy logistics and delivery processes and turn them into strategic contributors to your business objectives. In 3 years since launch, our technologies provided considerable results.

2.3 Million EUR saved directly from delivery budgets

185,000 less refused parcels, generating hefty indirect savings

More than 1 Million manhours saved in fulfillment, delivery, process management, analysis and reporting

Doubled NPS average score

2.4 Million KM saved from parcel deliveries, saving the planet one kilometer at a time with smaller waste gases and CO2 footprint, less used tires, less clutter in the road and more.

Imagine the impact for the entire economy with more and more companies joining the Postis Community and using our techs.
See what could be the impact for your business
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What's new

Together with our customers and partners that form the Postis Community, we generate new industry best practices to push the entire sector, one delivery at a time. Browse Postis Academia to learn from their experiences and check every week the Postis News for valuable information for your supply-chain and delivery.

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