Take control of your delivery performance using our LastMileOS Platform

Use our cloud-based, data-driven, and customer-centric solution

Optimize your last mile today

We add value to hundreds of businesses with our innovative,
end-to-end, LastMileOS Platform

Enhance your customers' purchase experience with fast, convenient, seamless order fulfillment and delivery.

In today's environment of shrinking markets, higher operating costs, and increased competition, your margins are under more pressure than ever.

Our technology-agnostic platform and our open ecosystem of delivery solutions, support your growth plans to scale your e-commerce business with better, cheaper, and faster logistic operations.

All-in-one optimization platform to integrate, automate and manage your last mile

Click-to-door integrated journeys

Build customer loyalty, protect margins, and increase revenue by offering a differentiated customer experience

Make it customized

Streamlined and efficient processes

Automate your shipping and returns, gain end-to-end visibility and control

Make it predictable

Instant access to partners' ecosystem

Connect to dozens of platforms, choose from hundreds of delivery solutions

Make it simple

Technology for better decision making

Enable real-time data-driven decisions, powered by machine learning and AI technology

Make is smart

Significant long-lasting impact across your business

  • From the first month of implementation

    save 10% to 25% on your shipping budget

  • Get an unlimited catalog of delivery solutions

    with a single API

  • Error-free process automation

    improves logistics and delivery efficiency by 5% to 15%

  • Improve go-to-market agility

    with off shelf integrations and a "test, scale and replace" approach

  • Grow customer satisfaction by 25%

    through improved performance and quality of deliveries

  • Increase your average customer value

    with higher loyalty, frequent purchases, and larger shopping carts

  • Reach new customer segments

    in a cross-border, omnichannel marketplace

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment by 30%

    with delivery options tailored to your customers

  • Use data-driven, AI-enabled, integrated processes

    to create a customer-centric sales journey

  • Decrease your out-of-SLA deliveries by 25%

    with best carrier selection

  • Reduce your WISMO calls by 25%

    with real-time delivery status updates

  • Reduce your refusals and returns rate by 20%

    with a first-time right approach

  • Accelerate IT deployment

    and enable zero-day carrier integration with 200+ off shelf options across Europe

  • Get 99.999% uptime cloud infrastructure,

    ISO certified for technical measures, security, and data protection

  • Streamline your IT ecosystem and processes

    with a single platform for aggregation, orchestration, and automation

  • Increase your profit margin by up to 20%

    through a streamlined and highly efficient last mile

  • Reduce your losses by 10-15 EUR

    with every parcel that is no longer returned

  • Increase cash collection speed by 83%

    with full last mile visibility, predictive analytics, and real-time management

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How does it work?


Manage your shipping needs with ease! Access multiple carriers and get the best terms for delivering your products to customers. Enjoy hassle-free shipping!

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Translate your operational excellence into an unparalleled customer experience with customized delivery journeys and omnichannel engagement.

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Enhance your delivery quality and performance to new heights with customised optimisation rules that are constantly updated by advanced AI technology.

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Use the same processes you are familiar with, to quickly expand into new product categories, channels, or territories.

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Stay in control

Get real-time visibility, powerful analytics, and reporting tools that cover your entire value chain, so you can stay on top of your operations.

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Our customers are our best ambassadors

"We chose Postis because they have the most complex solution for distribution and delivery management and optimization. For us, it was important to improve the cost efficiency and process management, but it was crucial that the new technologies would allow us to simplify the customer journey, build new experiences for our customers and set a solid ground for future development. The Postis Platform allows us to do all these, with full control and agile deployment."

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Eduard Sîrbu
Logistic & Administration Manager, Intersport

"For 17 years, we keep delivering on our promise: offering to customers quality products and services.

In the past 7 years, our priority became the development of our smart shopping concept, with the cora.ro online platform integrating more than 40,000 products. We have a solid foundation with added value services like coraDrive instore pickup, cora.ro home delivery or free delivery for large crates or heavy products through our own fleet. Now, given the changing market context and customer behaviors, we aim to increase the number of people that will be able to buy our products, we grow our territorial reach and we accelerate our operations transformation. With partners like Postis, all these become possible and easier to achieve." Read More

George Velicu
Head of Supply Chain (Retail & E-Commerce), cora

"In the last 3 years since we started the partnership with Postis, they brought their contribution to our success through logistics process streamlining, full control and best delivery option automation. More than EUR 600,000 were saved from our delivery budget, achieving at the same time a 25% customer satisfaction improvement, a 20% process efficiency improvement across the entire order to delivery journey and a significant diversification in delivery options."

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Cătălin Cîrnaru
Logistics Director Flanco

"We believe it is exactly this free spirit and focus on growing and winning together as a team, that made Noriel THE PLACE to go to when looking for the best of the best toys and games. We plan to continue building, with even more courage. We believe there is no such thing as dreaming too big and our main plan for the future is to inspire children to think the same. And partners like Postis help us implement this vision and keep our promise every time. In this way, it’s great playing, it’s great growing!"

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Cristina Popa
E-Commerce Director Noriel

"Together with Postis and R-CREATE, we built a returnable packaging program which represents a new step we choose to make in order to reduce our impact on environment. We have been and we will always be an active part of the society and we will always bring something new to make life better. After the pilot phase we rolled in June, we are confident that our public is ready for a shift of paradigm and together with our partners, we will set new standards for the entire e-commerce community."

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Adrian Păun
Online Marketing Manager Cărturești

"In e-commerce, it is not about buying books, perfumes, household goods or anything else. It is all about customer’s journey. This is our most important concern and we focus on offering each client a special experience from the moment he or she accesses our website to delivery. Choosing the right delivery solution for each customer is a challenging process until you find the appropriate partner. With Postis, we achieved better control on several processes in the delivery chain and, accordingly, a better customer satisfaction."

Georgeta Niculae
Manager Centru de Distribuție at elefant.ro

“We welcome our partnership with Postis, as we share the same vision to make delivery simpler, better, faster.

Postis technologies and integrations allow us to offer our quality services to a larger number of retailers without the need for IT developments or new processes and journeys. Retailers just need to call for our services and start immediately using our deliveries, with a simple activation within the Postis Platform. It all goes smoothly and fast, just as the flight of a bee.”

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Cristian Grozea
Co-founder and CEO, BeeFast

Postis is fast to deploy, simple to implement, and easy to use