Impeccable real-time delivery with excellent customer experience

We are dedicated to build and sustain a common place where all the parties involved in the First and Last Mile Delivery can join forces to offer the best delivery services combined with an unmatchable customer experience.

Reinventing delivery experience represents our greatest opportunity to improve people interactions with brands

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Postis was founded as a response to an immediate need that we had in the past. We started to build our own solution so that companies using delivery services to achieve greater efficiency and total transparency. Now, all our clients using the Postis services for real-time delivery management have discovered Postis effect.

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Our partners

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E-commerce / ERP

To be able to ensure a great experience throughout the entire customer journey, e-commerce players have to deploy innovative tracking and delivery solutions. Many
e-commerce platforms and ERP solution providers work with Postis to boost their product and value proposition.

WMS Providers

When complexity rises exponentially due to growing sales, multiple transport solutions, on top of this fast-paced market dynamic, warehousing companies have to strengthen the operational efficiency. Our VMS Partners are managing everything perfectly through our platform, reducing the risks associated with the lack of flexibility or transparency and optimizing the overall cost structure.


What’s the biggest challenge for transport companies? Keeping up with the changing customers’ needs or partners’ requirements, while also ensuring cost-efficient processes. To solve these issues, Postis comes in handy with several innovative solutions enhancing transport management systems capabilities.