Logistics & Supply-chain

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Boost your capacity and complexity to cope with the new digital customer

Logistics are the backbone of every traditional or online seller’s success. Following the surge of e-Commerce during pandemics and the long-term changes it induced in customers’ behavior, retailers and 3rd party logistic suppliers need to upgrade fast their operations and manage volumes, complexities and expectations much higher than ever before.

Seamless integration at systems level

Postis Platform orchestrates data traffic between WMS, OMS and TMS systems to enable data-driven decisions


streamlined order capturing, picking, packing validation, AWB generation, stock replenishment, tracking, returns management

Enhanced service portfolio

differentiation by integrating logistic operations upstream with retailers and downstream with carriers

Optimal space management

multiple customers management, predictive stock replenishment, increased efficiencies and lower returns

From traditional supply-chains to flexible supply-networks

Retailers need to provide to their customers with personalized experiences, tailored products, simple journeys, fast delivery and full predictability. Due to online sales channels, competitors come from everywhere in the world to answer their customers’ call.
With Postis, you can lead the way with omni-channel logistics integration, local last-mile fulfillment, predictive stock management, aligned cross-border delivery processes and more.

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Skyrocket your business with future proof logistics

Systems integration and data driven-decisions pave the way for streamlined and efficient processes, predictive management, robotic process automation, machine learning optimization, improved resource allocation.
They all become available to your business, as soon as you start managing your last-mile delivery with Postis.

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Scale your capacity instantly

With new opportunities popping from all over the internet, you can scale your logistics capacity instantly, while keeping your service performance and quality intact. Either if you increase your own warehouses, you outsource to 3PLs, you expand to local brick & mortar stores for local last-mile fulfillment or your orders are delivered straight from your suppliers’ stock, with Postis Platform you have full visibility and control across your end-to-end value-chain.

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Be the master of mass customization

With all your sales channels, warehouse management systems and carrier solutions integrated within Postis Platform, you can provide to your customers quality services at scale, with the possibility to personalize journeys, create optimization rules adapted to each specific business objective and provide the best delivery option for each product, customer or destination, every time.

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The most advanced technology for your future proof supply-chain
Give us a call and boost your logistics capacity and complexity>

Advanced technologies for your improved logistics


the right delivery option for each and every type of product, destination or customer need
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end-to-end visibility, predictability and control for your entire distribution and delivery
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Distribution and delivery automation

one unified platform to launch, scale and manage competitive fulfillment and shipping models
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Postis Delivery Mobile App

empower your drivers and manage your own distribution and delivery fleet with ease
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Hundreds of logistics providers use our digital technologies to upgrade their operations

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George Velicu

"For 17 years, we keep delivering on our promise: offering to customers quality products and services.

In the past 7 years, our priority became the development of our smart shopping concept, with the online platform integrating more than 40,000 products. We have a solid foundation with added value services like coraDrive instore pickup, home delivery or free delivery for large crates or heavy products through our own fleet. Now, given the changing market context and customer behaviors, we aim to increase the number of people that will be able to buy our products, we grow our territorial reach and we accelerate our operations transformation. With partners like Postis, all these become possible and easier to achieve." Read More

George Velicu
Head of Supply Chain (Retail & E-Commerce), cora
Eduard Sîrbu

"We chose Postis because they have the most complex solution for distribution and delivery management and optimization. For us, it was important to improve the cost efficiency and process management, but it was crucial that the new technologies would allow us to simplify the customer journey, build new experiences for our customers and set a solid ground for future development. The Postis Platform allows us to do all these, with full control and agile deployment."

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Eduard Sîrbu
Logistic & Administration Manager, Intersport