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Turn your customer’s online experience into your best salesman

More and more customers look for easiness, efficiency and control and get to online shops for an ever-increasing range of products.
In online, there are no skilled salesmen to rely on and convince the client. So, it’s up to smart communication, product availability and seamless buying and delivery experiences to convince the customer finalize the sale and come back again.

Countless sales channels, one platform for all your orders

e-Commerce platforms, marketplaces or call center orders, your delivery experience is the same

Delivery diversification for personalized journeys

express, standard or scheduled deliveries, at home, in a locker or from a local store of choice

Advanced technologies for intuitive experiences

mobile friendly data forms, delivery address validation, automated selection for best delivery option

Close relationships with e-mail and SMS communication

real-time visibility on delivery status, customer feedback and valuable business insights

Give your customer the power of choice

With Postis Delivery Widget implemented in your eShop, you give to your customers the power to choose how their order is delivered, right from your shopping cart. They can choose the time (express, standard or scheduled deliveries), the place (at home or office, in a locker or a pick-up point, from a physical store of choice) and the added value services (insurance, concierge, heavy weight or oversized, installation and more). Our algorithms will always choose what works best for them, and for you.

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Reduce your returns and refusals

A successfully finalized shopping cart is not enough, as delivery is part of your sales journey. When the order is delivered late or damaged, the parcel is refused and the successful sale changes into a significant cost generator. And the unhappy customer may be lost forever. This is why you need to be able to provide every time the right delivery option, best fit for that type of product and capable to deliver fast, safely, less expensively, just as your customer wants.

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Use your last-mile processes as brand enablers

Create seamless interactions with data orchestration and optimized , automated logistics processes. Stay close to your customers with continuous communication over delivery status and post-delivery satisfaction reviews. Use omni-channel fulfillment or delivery and returns management to create differentiating customer experiences.

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Name your e-Commerce platform and start using Postis

Our platform is already integrated with all leading e-Commerce platforms, marketplaces, WMS or ERP systems via APIs, systems connectors or platform modules. So, regardless the sales channels or order management platform you use, you can start optimizing your orders instantly. And if we are not integrated yet with the systems you use, there’s no problem, as our Platform’s APIs can be integrated fast and easy, in a matter of days.

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Grow fast while you stay in control, wherever in the world

e-Commerce allows you to meet your customers wherever they are, on any device they use and in any country they live. With Postis, you can scale your operations with ease everywhere in the world, as you use the processes that you are familiar with for cross-border trade and get the best international delivery option, from our fast growing carrier catalogue.

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The fast way to turn delivery processes into online experiences and sales
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Digital innovations for simple and effective online interactions

Postis Delivery Widget

home deliveries, instore pickups or locker collection, just as the customer wants
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Carrier aggregation

the right delivery option for each and every type of product, destination or customer need
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Customer engagement

integrated, multi-stage communication via SMS and e-mail along your entire delivery
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CX Tracker

built-in rating, feedback and NPS tools, to know what really matters to your clients
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Hundreds of e-Commerce players rely on our tools to strengthen their customer relationships

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Georgeta Niculae

"In e-commerce, it is not about buying books, perfumes, household goods or anything else. It is all about customer’s journey. This is our most important concern and we focus on offering each client a special experience from the moment he or she accesses our website to delivery. Choosing the right delivery solution for each customer is a challenging process until you find the appropriate partner. With Postis, we achieved better control on several processes in the delivery chain and, accordingly, a better customer satisfaction."

Georgeta Niculae
Manager Centru de Distribuție at
Adrian Păun

"Together with Postis and R-CREATE, we built a returnable packaging program which represents a new step we choose to make in order to reduce our impact on environment. We have been and we will always be an active part of the society and we will always bring something new to make life better. After the pilot phase we rolled in June, we are confident that our public is ready for a shift of paradigm and together with our partners, we will set new standards for the entire e-commerce community."

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Adrian Păun
Online Marketing Manager Cărturești