Control tower

Master last-mile processes for all your stores and online shops, in one single platform

Postis Platform integrates all your sales channels with all delivery solutions you need. You gain full visibility and control over your end-to-end distribution and delivery journeys with real-time carrier performance, aggregated information on delivery and powerful logistics BI.

Discover the power of last-mile data for your business


all your last-mile providers and systems, integrated and aligned to fit your customer journey


achieve unmatched visibility and control with integrated data which no siloed system can provide

Real-time management

get real-time information on delivery and be ready to step-in with live notifications and alerts

Powerful BI
at your fingertip

optimize your business with real-time benchmarks and historical performance, aggregated by carrier, time, territory

Stay in control with a birds-eye view on logistics

No matter how complex is your last-mile and how many carriers you use, you get a 360 degrees, real-time view of all your deliveries. From a high-level overview, you can instantly drill-down to order level when issues occur.
Information on Delivery and Estimated Time of Arrival are updated within seconds with every status change. Out of SLA situations are flagged and notified so that you can react as soon as needed.

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Run your business with data-driven decisions

Use powerful BI dashboards and analytics that enable you to benchmark delivery quality, performance and customer satisfaction by carrier, territory, time or type of product.
Export data to ready-made or customized reports or even integrate our platform with your BI systems to identify blind spots in your processes, improve resource allocation and meet your company’s objectives with KPI’s backed by data.

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Make your customer part of your decision making

With Postis Platform, your customer has a voice. Feedback, rating and NPS are collected with every delivery and data are aggregated by carrier, territory, time or type of product.
You can analyze and compare performance, quality and satisfaction and, when differences occur, you easily identify the pain points that need to be addressed.

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Get accurate forecasts on costs and cash-collection

Proof of Delivery is available as soon as orders reach their destination, so you can improve and accelerate your cash-collection processes.
Delivery costs are computed during the automated best option selection and they are aggregated in real time, so you know anytime the value of your delivery invoice.
More, with advanced machine-learning algorithms, you get accurate cash-collection forecasts and improve your cash-back planning.

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Why should you care about controlling your last-mile in an integrated way

  • unified distribution and delivery management

  • complete visibility and transparency over your delivery performance

  • real-time information on delivery, proof of delivery with notification

  • real-time control on cash collection

  • visibility and predictability on you delivery monthly costs

Hundreds of companies rely on our control tower for their end-to-end delivery journey

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Cătălin Cîrnaru

"In the last 3 years since we started the partnership with Postis, they brought their contribution to our success through logistics process streamlining, full control and best delivery option automation. More than EUR 600,000 were saved from our delivery budget, achieving at the same time a 25% customer satisfaction improvement, a 20% process efficiency improvement across the entire order to delivery journey and a significant diversification in delivery options."

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Cătălin Cîrnaru
Logistics Director Flanco