Traditional Retail

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Win back the momentum in brick & mortar stores

Traditional retail is changing forever. Transformation started with instore digital technologies for efficient, augmented and differentiating customer experiences. But it was accelerated in pandemics and lockdowns, with customers looking for safety, product availability, delivery speed, and process simplicity.

What customers found with online ordering redefined their needs and expectations when it comes to the value of their time, money and relations with brands. In the mid- to long-run, traditional retail as it is defined today is dead. But omni-channel retail is what rises instead.

Integrated online – instore journeys

online orders with instore pickup, instore purchases with scheduled delivery, buy in a store and pick-up in another, and more

Brick & mortar stores as local fulfillment

shorten delivery time and optimize instore stock rotation  with de-centralized picking, packing and dispatch

Personal customer experiences

instore or online, delivered or picked-up, express or scheduled, any option is available for every customer need or expectation

Unified delivery
and distribution

manage seamlessly your de-centralized logistics network with systems integration and process automation

Omni-channel is king

In the new retail context, customers move from one sales channel to another with ease and combine the best that online and offline have to offer, in a sales journey as personal as their needs. Online orders delivered in lockers or picked instore. Instore purchases delivered at home. Products purchased in one store that are collected in another. With Postis Platform, all options are available and you can create the best purchasing and delivery experience each time, for every customer.

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Flexibility and speed

What is differentiating today becomes tomorrow’s old news. This is why you need to be able to move with ease, scale instantly, change fast, stay relevant, move from offline to online, remain different and lead ahead the competition.
IT systems integration, data orchestration, predictive analysis and flexible optimization rules allow you to know when, why and how your market changes, right when it happens. And you have all the tools to act fast and move in tune with your customers.

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Lower the cost, better the experience

When you use your brick and mortar stores as local last-mile fulfillment centers, you improve your stock rotation, shorten delivery times, but also reduce significantly the cost and time to deliver.
Your customers benefit from fast, convenient and affordable delivery, while your instore merchandisers optimize their workload with picking and packing processes.

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Online orders, opportunity for instore cross-selling

You can create integrated sales, ordering and delivery journeys, combining online with offline. When online orders are collected by your customers from your store on their way home, you give the chance for new products to be purchased on their route to the pick-up point.

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The best way to win back the momentum in your physical stores
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Modern tools to improve traditional retail

Distribution and delivery automation

predictive stock management and enhanced stock transfers between warehouses and store Find more

Customer Experience Tracker

built-in rating, feedback and NPS tools, to know what really matters to your clients
Find more

Postis Delivery

home deliveries, instore pickups or from a locker, just as the customer wants 
Find more

Postis Delivery Mobile App

empower your drivers and manage your own distribution and delivery fleet with ease 
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Hundreds of retailers rely on our tools to improve their operations in brick & mortar stores

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Nume Prenume
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George Velicu

"For 17 years, we keep delivering on our promise: offering to customers quality products and services.

In the past 7 years, our priority became the development of our smart shopping concept, with the online platform integrating more than 40,000 products. We have a solid foundation with added value services like coraDrive instore pickup, home delivery or free delivery for large crates or heavy products through our own fleet. Now, given the changing market context and customer behaviors, we aim to increase the number of people that will be able to buy our products, we grow our territorial reach and we accelerate our operations transformation. With partners like Postis, all these become possible and easier to achieve." Read More

George Velicu
Head of Supply Chain (Retail & E-Commerce), cora
Eduard Sîrbu

"We chose Postis because they have the most complex solution for distribution and delivery management and optimization. For us, it was important to improve the cost efficiency and process management, but it was crucial that the new technologies would allow us to simplify the customer journey, build new experiences for our customers and set a solid ground for future development. The Postis Platform allows us to do all these, with full control and agile deployment."

Read More

Eduard Sîrbu
Logistic & Administration Manager, Intersport
Cătălin Cîrnaru

"In the last 3 years since we started the partnership with Postis, they brought their contribution to our success through logistics process streamlining, full control and best delivery option automation. More than EUR 600,000 were saved from our delivery budget, achieving at the same time a 25% customer satisfaction improvement, a 20% process efficiency improvement across the entire order to delivery journey and a significant diversification in delivery options."

Read More

Cătălin Cîrnaru
Logistics Director Flanco