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Carrier aggregation

Instant Upgrade to Your Delivery

Our universal multi–carrier shipping platform connects all your sales channels with the right carrier for each and every type of product, destination or customer expectation. You integrate your ERP, WMS, OMS or POS system with Postis Platform just once, and your delivery gets better, forever.

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Hundreds of delivery solutions

couriers, transporters, specialized deliverers, ride-hailing platforms, own fleet

Last-mile complexity, made simple

multiple fulfillment centers, curbside delivery, locker networks, instore pick-up

2 days for new carrier integrations

or 1 week for large or international solutions you choose to work with

Zero cost to upgrade your delivery

you choose your carrier from our existing integrations or we integrate new ones for free

Hundreds of delivery solutions are available immediately

One single API, a limitless catalogue of solutions

Postis carrier integrations include delivery solutions ready to provide the features best fit to your types of product, packaging, territory or customer. You can choose from couriers, transporters, deliverers. Deliveries by bike, motorcycle, car, van, truck, plane are available. In the same city, regional, national, in Europe or internationally. Depending on your existing or future needs, they are ready to provide added value services such as cashback, insurance, heavyweight or oversized handling, concierge services, furniture or equipment assembly.

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Scale up or down with ease, at no cost

Today’s e-commerce is booming and creates new opportunities, every day. Postis Platform provides the flexibility to scale your delivery capacity, diversify your revenue streams, and increase your territorial reach fast, with no cost, in full control.


once integrated with Postis Platform, you start using the carrier of choice within minutes


hundreds of ready-made delivery fleets and world-class suppliers, available as soon as you need them


the best delivery option is available for each and every product, pick-up point, destination or customer expectation

Third-party or your own fleet, it’s just as simple

Postis Platform integrates your own vehicle fleet with outsourced carrier solutions to get the best each of them has to offer.
All deliveries are managed, optimized and automated in one single control tower.
And with your drivers using the Postis Delivery Mobile App, you have the same information on delivery no matter what solution you use, and analyze and compare efficiency and quality across all your delivery fleets.

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Countless resources, one place to rule them all

Gain full visibility and control over your entire last-mile eco-system, with all sales channels and carrier systems integrated with each-other through Postis Platform.
Logistics and delivery data are exchanged automatically for streamlined, seamless operations, and delivery performance is leveraged across carriers or geographies to understand and improve your delivery quality, performance and experience.

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Why should you care about carrier aggregation

  • deploy, scale and manage your last-mile seamlessly

  • reduce your time-to-delivery

  • decrease your operational costs

  • enhance your performance and quality

  • keep the same levels of customer experience, regardless of delivery complexity

  • enhance your delivery options diversification

  • create personalized customer experiences

  • enable customer driven logistics

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Hundreds of companies rely on our seamless carrier aggregation

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Nume Prenume
a portrait of a man smiling on a white background
Cristian Grozea

“We welcome our partnership with Postis, as we share the same vision to make delivery simpler, better, faster.

Postis technologies and integrations allow us to offer our quality services to a larger number of retailers without the need for IT developments or new processes and journeys. Retailers just need to call for our services and start immediately using our deliveries, with a simple activation within the Postis Platform. It all goes smoothly and fast, just as the flight of a bee.”

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Cristian Grozea
Co-founder and CEO, BeeFast
Georgeta Niculae

"In e-commerce, it is not about buying books, perfumes, household goods or anything else. It is all about customer’s journey. This is our most important concern and we focus on offering each client a special experience from the moment he or she accesses our website to delivery. Choosing the right delivery solution for each customer is a challenging process until you find the appropriate partner. With Postis, we achieved better control on several processes in the delivery chain and, accordingly, a better customer satisfaction."

Georgeta Niculae
Manager Centru de Distribuție at elefant.ro
George Velicu

"For 17 years, we keep delivering on our promise: offering to customers quality products and services.

In the past 7 years, our priority became the development of our smart shopping concept, with the cora.ro online platform integrating more than 40,000 products. We have a solid foundation with added value services like coraDrive instore pickup, cora.ro home delivery or free delivery for large crates or heavy products through our own fleet. Now, given the changing market context and customer behaviors, we aim to increase the number of people that will be able to buy our products, we grow our territorial reach and we accelerate our operations transformation. With partners like Postis, all these become possible and easier to achieve." Read More

George Velicu
Head of Supply Chain (Retail & E-Commerce), cora
Cătălin Cîrnaru

"In the last 3 years since we started the partnership with Postis, they brought their contribution to our success through logistics process streamlining, full control and best delivery option automation. More than EUR 600,000 were saved from our delivery budget, achieving at the same time a 25% customer satisfaction improvement, a 20% process efficiency improvement across the entire order to delivery journey and a significant diversification in delivery options."

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Cătălin Cîrnaru
Logistics Director Flanco