Optimize your deliveries

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The right delivery solution for every parcel. Every time.

Mass-customization is not only about products. It is about the way you deliver it, too. With our automated selection for the best delivery option, you have the most suitable delivery solution for each type of product, each destination and every customer. No matter how large your volumes are.

your options

new delivery options and customer journeys, carrier redundancies and backups, the best of what each carrier can provide

optimization rules

choose and prioritize from tens of optimization criteria related to cost, product, territory, delivery options, SLAs, or performance

with ease

either you have dozens or millions of daily deliveries, each one of them is treated with the same level of attention

Best option in less
than 1 second

from order capture to AWB printing, our integrated, streamlined processes provide the best delivery option in 1 second

Postis Platform helps you optimize your processes, regardless your department

If you are a CEO
  • Improve your carrier portfolio and cherry-pick the best of what each of them can offer, with no cost

  • Enhance your last-mile performance and quality with best performers from our carrier catalogue or choose new ones, which we integrate for you, for free

  • Expand to new territories or grow your product catalogue with ease, using the same processes you are familiar with

  • Win back your freedom and control, and avoid dependencies to one or two couriers

  • Diversify your last-mile options with fast deliverers, local and international couriers, regional transporters or specialized freight forwarders

  • Use always the best delivery option for each and every parcel, with automated selection based on tens of optimization criteria related to cost, product type, packaging, customer’s choice, delivery options, territory, carriers capabilities, previous performance, contractual terms, SLAs, customer journeys and more

  • Implement a first-time right approach with end-to-end systems integration, automated processes, full visibility and predictability along your entire value-chain

  • Diversify your delivery options and meet your new customers’ demand for express, scheduled, pick-up from physical stores or lockers

  • Improve your stock rotation and availability with physical store used as local fulfillment centers

  • Integrate your own fleet with ease and control all your last-mile solutions, internal or outsourced, as one

  • Enhance your own fleet and drivers’ management with automated order dispatch and control, by using Postis Delivery Mobile App.

  • Automate and provide a uniform experience to your Estimate Time of Arrival, Information on Delivery or Proof of Delivery, regardless the carrier you use

  • Scale fast and secure volume peaks, by using the same processes for both internal and external resources

  • With optimized deliveries and seamless customer experiences, your refusals and returns are reduced significantly, and also the indirect costs with returned product refurbishing, stock re-treatment and resell

  • Get accurate forecasts on monthly distribution and delivery budgets, with the exact cost calculated for each and every order, right in the moment it is placed by the customer

  • Boost your last-mile IT with best-in-class experience and expertise in data science, logistics and delivery

  • Integrate at the core of your business our machine learning algorithms, powered by the largest dataset in the market, specifically collected for logistics and delivery optimization

  • Your IT systems are augmented with process automation that selects the best option following easy to use, configurable, complex criteria related to product (size, value, fragility, weight), delivery (urgency, cost, destination, local limitations) and courier (contractual terms, fleet specifications, capacity to deliver, performance)

  • Enable data-driven decisions for your company’s management, marketing and logistics, with powerful analytic tools and visualization dashboards available in Postis Platform

  • Provide redundancies for your delivery solutions, with automated switching in the case of carrier API downtimes

  • Simplify your carrier diversification, with one-click activation from Postis Platform for the solutions already integrated

  • With Postis ready-made integrations, it’s easy to support your last-mile enhancement with an “activate, test, measure then scale or terminate” approach

  • Make deliveries and returns more convenient for your customers with automated, simple to use processes

  • Create new, customized delivery experiences with express, scheduled, personal pick-up from your physical store or one of 2.000+ lockers or delivery points

  • Support your omni-channel approach with differentiating purchasing and delivery journeys: online purchases with delivery in a physical store, at home or a pick-up point; instore purchases with delivery at home or another store of choice; instore pickups with store transfer

  • Help your customer understand at a glance the most convenient delivery option for them, with Postis Delivery Widget embedded in your eShop

  • Reduce your workload and improve productivity in fulfillment, delivery and reporting, with integrated and automated processes from order capture to cash collection and returns management

  • In peak times, outsource activities such as picking, packing or delivery, with 3rd party assets and teams being integrated with your own in one single platform to manage them all

Postis Platform delivers fast results, with long term impact

2.3 Million
EUR saved

-10% to -25 delivery budget reduction starting the first month after implementation

Doubled NPS
average score

-25% average reduction of call center calls for delivery details or complaints

2.4 Million
Kilometers saved

first time right approach, -25% reduction of deliveries outside the promised deadline

185,000 less refused parcels

-20% average reduction in refusals and returns on delivery

Zero cost for dev and integration

free feature updates and upgrades, no cost for new carrier integrations

Over 1 Million manhours saved

+5 to +15% growth in operational efficiency (less errors, no re-work, no manual work in fulfillment, order processing, reporting and control)

Whatever your objective or department, Postis Platform can help
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