Improve your customer satisfaction

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In today's retail, the customer is king

Improve your customers’ experience, increase their satisfaction, build trust and loyalty with seamless last-mile operations, customized journeys, full transparency and predictability and real-time communication.

Just right delivery experience

orders reach their destination safely and on time, for the right cost, every time


customers have the power to choose how, when and where their orders are delivered

Customer driven optimization

your customer’s feedback is always heard and it counts in our automated selection for best delivery option

Full transparency and predictability

real-time updates on delivery status and ETA are communicated to customers via SMS and e-mail

Postis Platform helps you keep customers in focus, regardless your department

If you are a CEO
  • Diversify your delivery options and meet your new customers’ demand for express, scheduled, pick-up from physical stores or lockers

  • Implement a first-time right approach with end-to-end systems integration, automated processes, full visibility and predictability along your entire value-chain

  • Achieve delivery perfection with delivery options always selected to fit customer’s needs and expectations

  • Build omni-channel sales and delivery processes to meet your ever increasing customer sophistication

  • Track your packages and send shipping notifications

  • Track & trace gives you and your customer full control on your shipments

  • Create new, customized delivery journeys with express, scheduled, personal pick-up from your physical store or one of 2.000+ lockers or delivery points already integrated

  • Build differentiating brand experiences with advanced delivery and returns processes

  • With Postis Delivery Widget embedded in your eShop, give your customers the power to choose, right in the cart, when, where and how their product is delivered

  • Create a strong, trustful partnership with your customers, with predictability and full transparency on delivery status and ETA updates

  • Use the integrated SMS and e-mail centers provided by Postis to enable real-time communication, with branded templates

  • Listen to your customers and use their feedback to continuously improve your operations, with Postis’ built-in rating, feedback and NPS tools integrated with your CX tools

Postis Platform delivers fast results, with long term impact

2.3 Million
EUR saved

-10% to -25 delivery budget reduction starting the first month after implementation

Doubled NPS
average score

-25% average reduction of call center calls for delivery details or complaints

2.4 Million
Kilometers saved

first time right approach, -25% reduction of deliveries outside the promised deadline

185,000 less refused parcels

-20% average reduction in refusals and returns on delivery

Zero cost for dev and integration

free feature updates and upgrades, no cost for new carrier integrations

Over 1 Million manhours saved

+5 to +15% growth in operational efficiency (less errors, no re-work, no manual work in fulfillment, order processing, reporting and control)

Whatever your objective or department, Postis Platform can help
Give us a call and improve your last-mile while your customer remains at the heart of your business>