Reduce your costs

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Scale-up, increase complexity, improve experiences. And keep costs in control.

In modern supply-chains, the cost of transportation amounts for more than 50% from logistics costs. With an increasing complexity in last-mile and higher customer expectations, things get even worse. Unless you use the right technologies to keep costs in control.

Lower your cost
per delivery

with carrier diversification and automatic selection for the solution best fit for each and every delivery you make

First time right approach

improved delivery quality and performance, full transparency and predictability, seamless customer experience

Reduce your
indirect costs

less delivery refusals and returns, lower calls and complaint in call centers, seamless management and control

Improve your productivity

with systems integration, process automation, data driven decisions and error-free order and delivery orchestration

Postis Platform helps you reduce your costs, regardless your department

If you are a CEO
  • Reduce your transportation budgets, with the automated selection of the best option for each and every delivery you make

  • Reduce your asset related costs, with higher usage of your own warehouses and fleets and 3rd party logistics suppliers integrated with Postis Platform, ready to boost your capacities when needed

  • Reduce your HR costs, with outsourced resources in fulfillment, distribution and delivery being integrated with your own teams and acting as one

  • Reduce your IT costs, with state-of-the-art digital technologies available as-a-Service for your last-mile process management

  • Reduce the costs for marketing enablement, with ready to use tools to enhance your sales and delivery journeys, improve customer relationships and build loyalty

  • Reduce your cost per delivery with carrier diversification and automated selection for the delivery option best fit to every type of product, territory or customer journey

  • Reduce your refused and returned deliveries with full transparency and predictability on delivery, communicated to your customers in real time

  • Shorten your delivery distance and time with complex supply-network setups and local deliveries from your physical stores

  • Anticipate and scale-up your operations in sales campaign peaks, with historic data and predictive analysis

  • Improve your warehouse delivery management with accumulation scenarios and prioritizations by courier or type of products

  • Use accurate statistics on your delivery quality and performance to improve carrier portfolio, contractual terms and SLAs

  • Increase your productivity with streamlined supply-chain processes, end-to-end automation for last-mile

  • Eliminate rework and redundancies with error-free, automated data orchestration among all your supply-chain systems

  • Improve management and control over your entire value-chain, with real-time performance data and powerful analytics by carrier, territory or time

  • Improve your transportation capacity usage, by integrating your fleet with all other carry solutions available in Postis Platform

  • Optimize your order allocation, with automated selection for best delivery option, using optimization rules and data-driven decisions

  • Reduce your costs for fleet and driver management, with automated order dispatching and status updates through Postis Delivery Mobile App, available for free

  • Get accurate forecasts on monthly distribution and delivery budgets, with the exact cost calculated for each and every order, right in the moment it is placed by the customer

  • Improve your cash-returns with instant Proof of Delivery collected and reported in Postis Platform

  • Enhance your cashflow on deliveries with full visibility and predictability

  • Empower your decision making with powerful data visualization tools, ready-made reports or customized exports to your ERP systems

  • Simplify your IT ecosystem with all your legacy systems integrated with Postis Platform via API

  • Upgrade your IT system with best-in-class technology in cloud computing, data management security, machine-learning algorithms, all available at no cost

  • Use systems-integration to automate processes and eliminate manual work in last-mile management, control and reporting

  • Rely on Postis Platform to orchestrate your logistics and delivery data, and enable data-driven decisions for your company’s management, marketing and logistics

  • Eliminate all costs with new carrier integrations, as once integrated with Postis Platform, you have instant access to our extended catalogue; if you need any new ones, we integrate them for you, for free

  • No more costs to update carrier APIs in your systems, as we do it in Postis Platform and your operations will run flawlessly

  • Reduce your development costs, with all new Postis features, updates and upgrades being available to all our customers for free, forever

  • Decrease your costs for customer calls for delivery details and complaints mitigation, with status updates communicated in real-time via SMS or e-mail

  • Reduce your customer communications costs with Postis Customer Engagement Service; our built-in SMS and e-mail centers enable for real time delivery updates, post-delivery feedback and commercial communication

  • Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn management costs, with improved buying experiences and tailored delivery journeys

  • Benefit from ready-made tools for customer experience enhancement, such as eShop Delivery Widget

  • Integrate with your CRM tools the Postis CX Tracker, our great tool to give your customer a voice and your marketing department relevant insights on their delivery journey

  • Scale-up your operations with reduced impact on your HR costs for fulfillment, process management, control and reporting due to process simplification, automation and error-free data orchestration

  • Increase productivity and efficiency among your company’s drivers with Postis Delivery Mobile App, which enables you with automated order dispatch, improved routing, order management and delivery reporting

  • In peak times, outsource activities such as picking, packing or delivery, with 3rd party assets and teams being integrated with your own in one single platform, and acting as one

Postis Platform delivers fast results, with long term impact

2.3 Million
EUR saved

-10% to -25 delivery budget reduction starting the first month after implementation

Doubled NPS
average score

-25% average reduction of call center calls for delivery details or complaints

2.4 Million
Kilometers saved

first time right approach, -25% reduction of deliveries outside the promised deadline

185,000 less refused parcels

-20% average reduction in refusals and returns on delivery

Zero cost for dev and integration

free feature updates and upgrades, no cost for new carrier integrations

Over 1 Million manhours saved

+5 to +15% growth in operational efficiency (less errors, no re-work, no manual work in fulfillment, order processing, reporting and control)

Whatever your objective or department, Postis Platform can help
Give us a call and improve your last-mile while you keep costs in control>