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Improve your transport capacity utilization and on-route time

Transportation is an asset centric business plagued by underutilization and high costs. If you operate your fleet for your own distribution and delivery or if you provide your transportation services to other companies, Postis Platform helps you improve your operations by increasing transport capacity usage, decreasing on-route time, improving track & trace and staying in control.

Improved fleet management

automated selection of best delivery option according to SLAs (urgency, destination, cost) and products (volume, weight, size, fragility, value)

Reduced costs and higher margin

optimal shipping moment, first time right approach, improved capacity usage, lower mileage per delivery

Real-time control over your fleet and drivers

live delivery monitoring, real-time status updates, automated dispatch and communication with drivers though mobile apps

No integration costs with customers

our platform connects you with all your customers, as we provide the integration free of charge, forever

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Your own fleet or third-party carriers, they work for you as one

No matter if you use your owned or external transport capacities, you manage all fleets from a single Control Tower, that provides full visibility along your entire distribution and delivery process. You can compare capabilities, performance and service quality and you can choose always the best that each supplier has to offer.

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Automated selection for best delivery option, powered by machine-learning

Consistent with your business objectives, you can tailor your selection algorithms for faster time to deliver, improve SLAs, better capacity usage, lower cost to deliver and more. With data driven-decisions and machine-learning, your selection logic gets better and better, with every delivery you make.

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Optimize your transportation planning through real-time routing and monitoring

Your drivers get empowered with Postis Delivery Mobile App available for Android or iOS. Forget about follow-up phone calls and pencil-on-paper statuses. Use our integrated technologies to dispatch drivers and assign vehicles according to your business priorities. Estimated Time of Arrival, Information on Delivery and Proof of Delivery are available in real-time and your deliveries get faster and totally predictable.

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Improve your capacity usage, and make it right

In our open eco-system you get instant access to new customers everywhere in Europe, and our selection algorithms will always allocate the orders best fit to your available capacities, types of vehicles, covered territory or destinations.

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Digital tools for lower costs and higher margins


your TMS is integrated for free with hundreds of customers across Europe
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Distribution and delivery automation

one unified platform to launch, scale and manage competitive fulfillment and shipping models
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end-to-end visibility, predictability and control for your entire distribution and delivery
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Postis Delivery Mobile App

empower your drivers and manage your own delivery fleet with ease
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Hundreds of carriers use our open eco-system to improve their capacity usage

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Cristian Grozea

“We welcome our partnership with Postis, as we share the same vision to make delivery simpler, better, faster.

Postis technologies and integrations allow us to offer our quality services to a larger number of retailers without the need for IT developments or new processes and journeys. Retailers just need to call for our services and start immediately using our deliveries, with a simple activation within the Postis Platform. It all goes smoothly and fast, just as the flight of a bee.”

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Cristian Grozea
Co-founder and CEO, BeeFast