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Customer experience

Customers recommend you with all their trust

With an increasing number of product categories sold online, last-mile becomes an integral part of your customer journey and the last step of successful sales.
Turn your operational excellency into differentiating customer experiences and drive brand loyalty, one delivery at a time.

Just right delivery experience

orders reach their destination safely and on time, every time


customers have the power to choose how, when and where their orders are delivered

Customer driven optimization

your customer’s feedback is always heard and it counts in our automated selection for best delivery option

Full transparency and predictability

real-time updates on delivery status and ETA are communicated to customers via SMS and e-mail

Every great relation starts with good communication

Even with the seamless and fast delivery processes powered by Postis, mishaps may occur from time to time. Predictability and full transparency on delivery status and ETA updates will create a strong, trustful partnership with your customers. And with the integrated SMS and e-mail centers provided by Postis, communication comes easy.

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An empowered customer is a happy customer

Each and every customer is different and has his own needs, habits and expectations. Delivery should not be otherwise. Luckily, with Postis journey customization tools, one platform really fits them all. More, with Postis Delivery Widget embedded in your eShop, customers have the power to choose, right in the cart, when, where and how their product is delivered.

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Give your customers a voice and they will thank you

Your customers help you build your business, so they deserve to be listened and be heard. With Postis’ built-in rating, feedback and NPS tools integrated with your CX tools, you learn with every delivery what really matters to your clients and which are the weak spots in your last-mile processes that need to be addressed.

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Turn last-mile operations into differentiating experiences

Operational excellency is just the first step to loyalty. With all last-mile processes integrated in a single platform, from ordering collection and status communication to fulfillment, delivery and returns management, it comes easy to create new, simple, personalized journeys that will lay the grounds to memorable brand interactions.

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Why should you care about your customers’ delivery experience

  • reduced cart abandonment in your eShop

  • decreased refusals and returns rates

  • reduced number of calls for information on delivery and complaints

  • brand loyalty, built one delivery at a time

Hundreds of companies rely on our stellar technologies for their customer experience

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Nume Prenume

"In e-commerce, it is not about buying books, perfumes, household goods or anything else. It is all about customer’s journey. This is our most important concern and we focus on offering each client a special experience from the moment he or she accesses our website to delivery. Choosing the right delivery solution for each customer is a challenging process until you find the appropriate partner. With Postis, we achieved better control on several processes in the delivery chain and, accordingly, a better customer satisfaction."

Georgeta Niculae
Manager Centru de Distribuție at elefant.ro

"Together with Postis and R-CREATE, we built a returnable packaging program which represents a new step we choose to make in order to reduce our impact on environment. We have been and we will always be an active part of the society and we will always bring something new to make life better. After the pilot phase we rolled in June, we are confident that our public is ready for a shift of paradigm and together with our partners, we will set new standards for the entire e-commerce community."

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Adrian Păun
Online Marketing Manager Cărturești