Improve your distribution

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Your distribution and delivery processes, they all work together.

In a fast-paced market, the way you organize and manage replenishment processes becomes critical for business performance. With Postis Platform, you streamline and integrate last-mile processes to achieve the right balance between delivery time and transportation costs.


supplier stocks, regional hubs or physical stores, they all are integrated as local fulfillment centers to reduce delivery time and distance


avoid out of stock situations or low rotating stocks though predictive analysis and optimal distribution between warehouses, hubs and stores


automated replenishment processes that manage simultaneously predefined transports and on-the-spot high priority deliveries

The right shipping moment and route

predictive analytics and real-time monitoring to identify the best moment for shipping and the shortest way between delivery points

Postis Platform helps you improve your activity, regardless your department

If you are a Logistics Manager
  • Improve your stock rotation and stock transfers with recurring, on-the-spot or mixed replenishment transports, automatically triggered by predefined time intervals or volume thresholds

  • Use your historical data for predictive analysis and data-driven centralized replenishment decisions

  • Reduce your returns rate with process automation and first-time-right approach

  • Improve your returns management with dedicated processes for refused and returned parcels, cash back or send to service

  • Enable end-to-end customer journeys with integrated distribution and delivery processes

  • Cash-collection analytics, together with the integrated returns management, give you full visibility and anticipation over the inbound financial flows

  • Integrate your own fleet with Postis Platform and control all your last-mile solutions, internal or outsourced, as one

  • Get full visibility, predictability and control over all your transportation flows with built-in monitoring and alert features

  • Enhance your own fleet and drivers’ management with automated order dispatch and control, by using Postis Delivery Mobile App

  • Automate and provide a uniform experience to your Estimated Time of Arrival, Information on Delivery or Proof of Delivery, regardless the carrier you use

  • Scale fast and secure volume peaks, by using the same processes for both internal and external resources

  • Enhance your financial control for all delivery processes, with improved tracking, predictability, and faster cash collection from couriers

Postis Platform delivers fast results, with long term impact

2.3 Million
EUR saved

-10% to -25 delivery budget reduction starting the first month after implementation

Doubled NPS
average score

-25% average reduction of call center calls for delivery details or complaints

2.4 Million
Kilometers saved

first time right approach, -25% reduction of deliveries outside the promised deadline

185,000 less refused parcels

-20% average reduction in refusals and returns on delivery

Zero cost for dev and integration

free feature updates and upgrades, no cost for new carrier integrations

Over 1 Million manhours saved

+5 to +15% growth in operational efficiency (less errors, no re-work, no manual work in fulfillment, order processing, reporting and control)

Whatever your objective or department, Postis Platform can help
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