Fashion/ Ecomm; B2C
Medium Size, 300-400 Employees
Ecomm Platform Replacement
Courrier Orchestration Optimization

The direct impact of streamlining delivery operations in a medium size company on overall cost reduction

With a presence in four countries and present on the local market for over 20 years, this medium sized company was a leader in the fashion accessories sector. Despite a loyal customer base, the company faced challenges in meeting the growing demand for home deliveries. Manual processes led to inefficiencies, increased operational costs, and impacted overall customer satisfaction.


The Challenge:

The company was actively seeking to increase their delivery capabilities, this being their main objective. The existing system resulted in both not being able to serve all the clients interested in having their orders delivered through the platform and was requiring the usage of three different courier options, each one with a different system.

With a limited delivery fleet, the company struggled to scale its operations to meet the rising demand for online orders, ultimately affecting the bottom line.

The Solution:

Implementing Postis Solution

The initial conversation came through one of their partners who mentioned us. In a bid to streamline their delivery operations they decided to adopt our solution, not before having a good understanding of the particularities of our cutting-edge delivery management software platform.

The solution offered a holistic approach to address their challenges, incorporating features such as real-time route optimization, order tracking.

Solution Architecture Building:

The implementation of Postis involved a robust solution architecture tailored to their specific needs.

Compared to a larger company, the decisional process was relatively small, including a different decision maker higher up in the company besides the contact person Postis initially spoke to.

Solution Architecture Building:


Seamless integration with XYZ Retailers’ existing order management system ensured that online orders were automatically transferred to the DeliverySwift platform.

Route Optimization

An advanced route optimization algorithm was implemented to calculate the most efficient delivery routes, considering factors like traffic, delivery windows, and the location of delivery points.


With a simple log-in anyone from the logistic department could access real-time updates on delivery schedules, optimized routes, and customer information.

Data Analytics

A centralised dashboard allowed them to to monitor key performance indicators, track delivery times, and analyse delivery patterns. This data-driven approach empowered the company to make informed decisions.


The implementation of Postis solution yielded significant results for them:


By optimising delivery routes and reducing fuel consumption, the company experienced a notable decrease in operational costs.


Real-time order tracking and accurate delivery time estimates enhanced the overall customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The scalable and flexible nature of Postis allowed them to effortlessly scale their delivery operations to meet growing demand without a proportional increase in costs, on the contrary.


The automation of dispatch processes and real-time communication with drivers significantly improved overall delivery efficiency, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.

In conclusion, the integration of Postis not only streamlined delivery operations for a medium-sized company but also contributed to substantial cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and provided a scalable solution for future growth.

The well-designed solution architecture played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless implementation and success of the delivery management platform.
Although the initial objective was to increase the delivery capabilities, the implemented solution proved to save 10% of delivery cost and overall to positively impact the company costs by a slight 3% reduction.
As a side consequence, monthly operational cost decreased by 10% with a lowered lost scale rate by 2% (from 5% to 3%), namely in numbers they saved 15k Eur yearly (5k form direct cost savings and 10k from indirect cost saving).
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