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Shipping Label Creator

Packaging and labeling are part of your branding

While many retailers pay attention to product packaging to make it safe or appealing, just a few spend time to how their labels look.
Design with ease your own branded AWBs, carrier agnostic and specifically sized to match your printing equipment across your fulfillment centers. And automate their creation, dispatch and printing, from one platform to manage it all.

Your brand design, carrier specific items

design an unitary brand identity for all your AWBs, that populate with identifiers specific to selected carrier – bar-codes, QR-codes, logos

The right size
for each printer

AWBs are automatically generated in the size specific to the printer from each fulfillment center

Print it
your way

automated single printing, batch printing, multiple parcels per delivery, you have it all at your fingertip

One single place for all your AWBs

You no longer need to learn how to use each of your couriers' platform to generate AWBs. Postis Platform unites them all and gives you all the tools you need, in an ergonomic, intuitive, simple to use interface.

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No more manual work

Forget about lengthy manual data inputs and errors. AWBs are automatically populated with logistics and delivery data collected from your ERP, WMS and OMS systems and tailored with the tracking details of the selected delivery solution.

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Import and export, data travels seamlessly

When systems integration is not possible, you can still use imports from AWB data files and you can export reports. You have all the flexibility you need to customize the file structure to perfectly fit with the data structure already existing in your legacy systems.

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