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Postis Delivery Mobile App

Smart fleet and driver management

When your carriers do not have systems to provide order management and track & trace capabilities, you miss important data.
With Postis Delivery Mobile App, you and your customers get real-time status updates straight from driver’s smartphone.
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Platform agnostic

Postis Delivery Mobile App is ready for download in Android and iOS app stores and it is compatible with any smartphone

Simple to setup

you enroll drivers from your own or third-party fleets with their mobile phone number and they are ready to deliver

Easy to use

allocated orders get straight to driver’s delivery list; status updates are triggered with barcode photos or GPS tracking

Free of charge

you get full visibility and control across all your distribution and delivery channels at no cost, either for you or for drivers

Say goodbye to pen and paper

Forget about calling drivers to check where they are. Give up the paper transcripts or manual status inputs. Estimated time of arrival, information on delivery and proof of delivery are automatically updated to your systems and communicated to your customers, so everybody stays informed in real-time.

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Flexible sourcing, unified control

Flexibility is key to keeping your last-mile costs down, delivery quality high and customers happy.
With Postis Delivery Mobile App, you dynamically use the optimal solution – internal or third-party fleets, drivers and vehicles – and you have the same level of visibility and control regardless their IT systems sophistication.

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Upgrade your own fleet management

When you use your own vans and trucks to deliver, you do not need costly fleet management systems to dispatch and track your deliveries. You get all the control and reporting features that count for you and your customers, for free.

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Optimize your drivers’ workload

With Postis Delivery Mobile App, you stay on top of your increasingly complex operations and know exactly your drivers’ workload and performance.

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Speed-up cash-collection

Proof of Delivery is instantly uploaded to Postis Platform as soon as the order reaches its destination. So you no longer need to wait for paperwork to get back to you before you initiate cash-collection. In the case of cross-border transportation, it’s up to 2 weeks that you gain.

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The effective way to dispatch and control deliveries with your drivers
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