Automate your processes

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Adapt, diversify, grow with ease.

With digital technologies and eCommerce, the customer profile is changing fast and their growing sophistication puts pressure on your supply-chains, sales channels and last-mile.
Stay ahead of your competition with automated processes that allow you to anticipate, change and innovate with ease. And seize all market opportunities fast, and in control.


your sales channels are integrated with all your carriers at systems level for streamlined and efficient processes


no more manual data inputs, forget about pen & pencil reports, upgrade your business with data-based decisions


error-free, automated processes along your entire journey, from order collection, fulfillment and delivery to customer feedback


custom made optimization rules according to your business objectives, continuously improved by machine-learning

Postis Platform helps you automate your activity, regardless your department

If you are a CEO
  • Scale-up and -down your operations with ease due to simple to use, easy to customize, self-replicable automated processes

  • Expand your territory or product catalogue with integrated and ready to deploy logistics, distribution and delivery capacities

  • National or international, it’s easy to sell online and deliver everywhere with aligned processes, from the same platform

  • Stay in control over your entire last-mile, with real-time data and advanced analytics dashboards

  • Develop with ease and integrate complex logistics eco-systems with multiple fulfillment centers (warehouses, physical stores, supplier stock), multiple carrier solutions (couriers, deliverers, transporters, specialized freight forwarders) and multiple delivery options (at an address, customer pick-up from a locker, drop-box or physical store)

  • Automate your order collection from any sales channel, regardless it is your eShop, eCommerce platform, marketplace or physical store

  • Optimize and automate your carrier selection, AWB generation and printing

  • Speed up your label generation process and print hundreds of shipping labels for all your carriers, in bulk, quickly and without mistakes

  • Optimize and automate you last-mile with data aggregation and AI

  • Create optimization rules according to your specific business objectives or customer journeys, using dozens of criteria related to product, place, customer options, SLAs, carrier capabilities and previous performance

  • Enable real-time management and control with live status updates, alerts on errors and out of SLA situations

  • Control your end-to-end distribution and delivery processes from one single control tower, no matter if you use your own or 3rd party logistics and last-mile capacities

  • Enhance your own fleet and drivers management with automated order dispatch and control by using Postis Delivery Mobile App

  • Automate and provide a uniform experience to your Estimated Time of Arrival, Information on Delivery or Proof of Delivery, regardless the carrier you use

  • Remove uncertainty with real-time notifications, for you and your customers

  • Improve your transportation capacity usage by integrating your fleet with all available carry solutions

  • Scale fast to secure volume peaks, by using the same processes for internal and external resources, alike

  • Get accurate forecasts on monthly distribution and delivery budgets, with the exact cost calculated for each and every order, right in the moment it is placed by the customer

  • Improve your cash-returns with instant Proof of Delivery collected and reported in Postis Platform

  • Enhance your cashflow on deliveries with full visibility and predictability of your cash-back

  • Empower your decision making with powerful data visualization tools, ready-made reports or customized exports to your ERP systems

  • Benefit from ready-made automations for last-mile data collection and orchestration among IT systems

  • Enable data-driven decisions for your company’s management, marketing and logistics, with powerful analytic tools and visualization dashboards available in Postis Platform

  • Keep your carrier catalogue up-to-date with our automated API upgrades

  • Provide redundancies to your delivery, with automated switching in the case of carrier API downtimes

  • Simplify your carrier diversification, with one-click activation for integrated solutions

  • With Postis ready-made integrations, it’s easy to support your last-mile enhancement with an “activate, test, measure then scale or terminate” approach

  • Transform last-mile process automation into seamless customer journeys

  • Create memorable customer experiences and personal purchasing journeys with delivery diversification

  • Increase loyalty among your customers with Postis Delivery Widget embedded in your shopping cart, which puts the power to choose when and where their order is delivered in their hands

  • Update your customer engagement tools with Postis built-in SMS and e-mail centers and real-time, automated updates on delivery status

  • Integrate Postis CX Tracker with your CRM systems to react fast to negative customer feedbacks and benefit from valuable insights on their satisfaction

  • Scale-up your operations with reduced impact in HR costs for fulfillment, process management, control and reporting due to process simplification, automation and error-free data orchestration

  • Increase productivity and efficiency among your company’s drivers with Postis Delivery Mobile App, that allows for automated order dispatch, improved routing, order management and delivery reporting

  • In peak times, outsource activities such as picking, packing or delivery, with 3rd party assets and teams being integrated with your own in one single platform to manage them all

Postis Platform delivers fast results, with long term impact

2.3 Million
EUR saved

-10% to -25 delivery budget reduction starting the first month after implementation

Doubled NPS
average score

-25% average reduction of call center calls for delivery details or complaints

2.4 Million
Kilometers saved

first time right approach, -25% reduction of deliveries outside the promised deadline

185,000 less refused parcels

-20% average reduction in refusals and returns on delivery

Zero cost for dev and integration

free feature updates and upgrades, no cost for new carrier integrations

Over 1 Million manhours saved

+5 to +15% growth in operational efficiency (less errors, no re-work, no manual work in fulfillment, order processing, reporting and control)

Whatever your objective or department, Postis Platform can help
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