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Building the best transport ecosystem in order to boost distribution is a long-lasting challenge for companies acting in various industries. Finding and managing numerous transport partners becomes even more complex when volume increase.

Postis platform empowers supply-chain managers to run fully automated & complex mix of transport options having real-time full visibility and control.


Postis overcomes the increasing complexity of transportation by creating the perfect control area, which automatically initiates the optimal transport routes for the daily activities and finds cost-efficient options for volume peaks or any other exceptional events.

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No more traditional solutions

In this increasing distribution complexity, their is almost no room left for using the traditional solutions (phone calls to drivers for tracking and
pencil-on-paper statuses). Postis offers an advanced track & trace solution with ETA, IOD and POD.


The Postis solution is based on a real-time monitoring mobile application with advanced routing mechanism which enables faster and totally predictable deliveries. This is a mandatory step further to achieving operational excellence and securing the future of any business performance.

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What you can get
with Postis

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Enhance delivery, transparency and customer experience

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