Auchan quickly expands its online operations with the support of Postis

June 9, 2022
Postis Platform enables extended delivery options to more than 600 localities in Romania for Auchan Retail
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Auchan Postis Partnership
Radu Țoncu

Auchan has been a committed international retailer for 60 years. The company constantly evolves along with its customers, aiming to improve their lives, by focusing on their  purchasing needs and anticipating and meeting their expectations related to health and a healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, the strategic approach was to facilitate the omni-channel shopping experience.

The first Auchan hypermarket has been open in Romania since 2006. The retail network constantly grew across the country and now it counts 33 hypermarkets, 5 supermarkets and over 200 MyAuchan ultra-proximity stores, most of them located in Petrom gas stations. Additionally, in order to improve its territorial coverage, the company started to experiment with online sales in 2019, when its e-commerce operation was established.

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its concerns for health safety, lockdowns, and traffic restrictions, led to massive changes in consumption behaviors, with more and more product categories being ordered online, from the safety and convenience of homes. Fresh food, canned food, home care and cleaning products followed the same trend, therefore hypermarket chains needed to accelerate their digital programs and meet their customers’ new purchasing patterns.

“For our e-commerce department, the last two years were completely atypical. We launched our digital sales program only in 2019 and 2020 was supposed to be the year when we should have developed our digital ecosystem, tested it, and optimized our online journeys. Instead, because of the pandemic, we had to accelerate our digital development and build in a matter of months what others have done in years. It was a huge effort, and we were successful due to the commitment and strong support of our 8.000+ colleagues that work in our hypermarkets, who had to learn new skills required for online sales and home delivery. Also, our customer focus and extended expertise from our offline operations were key factors in our online development.
And more, we benefited from the experience of partners like Postis, that allowed us to integrate within our digital platforms, quickly and without any flaw, their innovative technology and expertise in distribution and delivery.”

Teodor Șerban, Efficiency and Projects Director, Auchan Retail Romania

The partnership between Auchan Retail and Postis started in the first half of 2021, as a result of the company’s proven results in supply-chain optimization by using digital technologies.

Among the objectives for its partnership with Postis, Auchan targeted:

  • to secure carrier diversification and being able to deliver across the entire country, in best conditions, an extended range of products: from fresh or canned food, home care, personal care and health products to large electro-IT equipment;
  • to increase the delivery options available to its customers, starting from in store purchasing, continuing with online orders – picked from the hypermarket parking lot, to online orders delivered at home, at the office or in a drop-box;
  • to keep delivery time as short as possible, while preserving delivery quality;
  • to add to Auchan’s customer experience new tools for engagement and communication which would make their digital purchasing journey simpler and better.

Through a single integration between Auchan’s e-Commerce and Postis platforms, the retailer gained immediate access to Postis’ carrier catalog. Currently, Auchan integrates within its e-commerce logistics network more than 15 delivery solutions, including national couriers and specialized local transporters. In every county, the retailer secures options with at least 2 carriers, while the list of couriers evolves depending on the range of product categories offered online, volumes and carrier performance.

Given the specific requirements of fresh food delivery, two criteria are fundamental: fast delivery and permanent information about the delivery status.

Fast deliveries are possible by combining the express or same day delivery options available in Postis Platform with the integration of all 33 Auchan hypermarkets as logistics and fulfillment centers. In each of these stores, a team of 30-40 people are specially trained and dedicated to online delivery picking, packing and transport readiness. Orders are automatically routed for fulfillment to the store closest to the customer and, this way, fresh meat, fruits and vegetables can be delivered from Auchan’s online shop to more than 600 localities in Romania.

Furthermore, the logistics and e-commerce ecosystem of the retailer evolved over the last year and, currently, their products are listed not only in the Auchan e-shop, but also in third party marketplaces from Romania.

When it comes to delivery status, it is provided by the Postis Platform along the entire delivery journey and the updates are constantly communicated to customers through built-in e-mail and SMS tools, so that they know exactly what and when to expect.

Furthermore, Postis Platform is used by the retailer as an end-to-end control tower, with full visibility and operational transparency on all deliveries, regardless of what carrier is used.

“Postis technology and eco-system of partners pave the way to a solid growth for Auchan’s online sales. Our carrier catalogue’s complexity and flexibility give immediate access, as soon as it is needed, to the best delivery option, regardless of destination or type of product which Auchan may add to its online offerings. Order volumes, tailored customer journeys or increasing supply-chain complexity are of no concern as well, due to our platforms’ proven resilience and scalability, which allow for flash sales and burst promotions to be implemented with ease. We are confident that we will prove a valuable partner, that will support Auchan’s ambitions plans for digital growth.”

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

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