BaseLinker and Postis announce a strategic partnership to simplify cross-border e-commerce

August 11, 2022
Romanian online retailers have quick access to new markets outside the country, with integrated and automated processes
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BaseLinker - Postis partnership
Radu Țoncu

BaseLinker, the market leader in Poland specializing in the aggregation and automation of e-commerce processes, and Postis, the Romanian leader in delivery services’ management and optimization, announce a strategic partnership integrating their platforms for easy and fast access of Romanian e-commerce operators to international markets.

In the current economic context affected by inflation, socio-political uncertainties, and rising operating costs, Eastern Europe retailers, in general, and Romanian retailers, in particular, are facing a reduced willingness to buy from their customers and anticipate a likely contraction of local markets for some product categories. Expansion into new markets is becoming a priority, and cross-border e-commerce is a way to stabilize the business in the short term, enabling growth in the medium to long term.

To be successful, scaling an online business internationally must have a few key elements:

  • integrated IT and logistics infrastructure, easily scalable across multiple markets;
  • aligned and optimized processes, automated as much as possible, to ensure rigorous management, regardless of the complexity of operations;
  • an increased capacity to test different target segments, types of products, and available deployment resources, to analyze partial results, to adapt and scale the viable models;
  • tailoring interactions, as well as buying and delivery experiences to each market’s local context and habits.

The strategic partnership between BaseLinker and Postis provides Romanian retailers with quick and easy access to these integrated, proven, and functional resources across the region.

Among the main functionalities that BaseLinker provides to online shops that want to expand internationally, one can notice:

  • Management of all online sales and delivery workflows from a single platform, regardless of the number of online marketplaces and sales channels used;
  • Integration and management of marketplaces, with direct access from the BaseLinker platform and seamless management of products, campaigns, and orders in more than 50 leading marketplaces across Europe, such as Amazon, Allegro, Otto, or eBay;
  • Centralised order management, with automatic generation of invoices and AWBs and automatic synchronization of stocks, regardless of the sales channel from which it originates;
  • Inventory management, even for operators who don’t have their own online shop or ERP system in place;
  • Workflows automation, including issuing invoices and delivery documents, and communicating with customers.

Complementary to these functionalities that ensure immediate and efficient access to Europe-wide online sales channels, Postis provides a complete set of solutions for integrated management, optimization, and automation of deliveries:

"As part of BaseLinker's expansion in Romania, we are pleased to add the integration with Postis to our partnerships portfolio. This way, we can offer our users the most reliable solutions to expand their business both locally and cross-border.

When you set the long-term business strategy and take the next step in automating processes, adapting your business to the European e-commerce ecosystem is easier when you have the right tools at hand, and the support of reliable partners."

Ruxandra Geantă, co-CEO BaseLinker Romania

Brought together, the two companies’ technologies and functionalities ensure that Romanian online retailers can rapidly expand into new markets, scale processes already used in their home market, benefit from the expertise BaseLinker and Postis have in the region, test local resources, new mechanisms, and interactions specific to new target territories, while always being in control.

"We are very pleased to partner with BaseLinker because, together, we are providing Romanian retailers with the technology, resources, and international business experience, and we are giving them the support they need to turn challenges into new growth opportunities in these uncertain times.

With an international strategy and locally adapted implementations, we strongly believe that Romanian businesses will quickly find their place in the European e-commerce."

Mircea Stan, Founder și CEO Postis.

Given the rapid international expansion targeted by both BaseLinker and Postis, the partnership concluded in Romania is the first step, with the services offered together being planned to be available in other markets such as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

If you need support to start your international operations fast, get in touch with us and, together with our partners, we will help.

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