Delivery automation in pandemics

August 27, 2020
In the past 6 months, Postis saw an 80% increase in customer base and a 350% boost in delivery volumes
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Andrei Moldoveanu

Due to the restrictions and precautions occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemics, many companies all around the world were forced to accelerate their business digital transformation and the use of remote collaboration and customer relations.

In retail, customers behaviors changed during the home lockdown and the new purchasing and consumption patterns are here to stay. The range of products ordered online is now broader than ever and extended from the traditional e-commerce categories such as fashion, cosmetics, electro-IT, books, toys or home&deco to fresh or canned food, pharma, furniture, gardening&DYI. The payment by card in online grew significantly. Deliveries increased in complexity and now include at home, at the office, locker networks or in selected store options.

Retailers needed to adapt fast or die. Omni-channel or pure e-commerce is the new mantra. Delivery anytime, anywhere the customer desires is a must have. Those who moved fast enough, who adapted their supply-networks and logistics processes to support the new retail model were able to turn the pandemics into a point of differentiation and business opportunity.

Flexibility, speed of reaction, easiness in shifting the business model, resource procurement redundancies, IT ecosystem simplification, process streamlining and automation, the elimination of all points of inefficiency are all abilities needed to thrive in difficult times. All these are attributes embedded into the Postis Platform and this is why more and more retailers present in Romania and Europe started using our services. To such companies, growth lays ahead. To others, the future remains cloudy and full of challenges.

During pandemics, Postis saw a significant growth in business, with an 80% increase in customer base and 350% in processed delivery volumes. Together with our customers and partners, we grow into the largest and most diverse ecosystem to enable the transformation of traditional supply-chains into supply networks powered by open digital platforms, machine learning and the use of data.

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