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July 16, 2020
An interview with Mircea Stan in on the benefits of Postis Platform in traditional retail, e-commerce and logistics
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This week, Mircea Stan, CEO @Postis, discussed with Vlad Andriescu and about the benefits offered by digital techs and the use of data to retailers, e-commerce and logistics providers.

In a global e-commerce market worth EUR 3.1 trillion that expands fast due to broadband and smartphones, open borders, educated customers and difficult market conditions occasioned by the pandemic, retailers need to adapt fast or they risk extinction. Resilience, the speed of change, the capability to scale and adjust business models, the cost of technological shift are all factors for success.

When the long time needed to align and integrate processes, the high cost to consolidate legacy systems and the lack of expertise in data management and analytics work against the retailer's plans, the Postis Platform is the solution.

Ready made system integrations along the entire value chain, streamlined supply-chain and delivery processes, advanced data science and analytics, automated optimization algorithms and state-of-the-art technology are all available instantly, at no cost, on a "pay as you use basis".

With the pandemic crisis still around for an unpredictable period, larger numbers of companies choose to adopt the Postis Platform and use it for their delivery data integration and distribution and last-mile process optimization. This is why, in an unpredictable market, Postis anticipates a high business growth in Romanian and international territories and prepares for a new Series A investment to fuel its expansion.

Read the full interview and learn about the Postis Platform benefits on the site.

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