In difficult times, it’s the time when evolution happens

March 19, 2020
When people face the unknown, they adapt, find their balance and adopt new ways to thrive.
Customer Stories
Radu Țoncu

We live in difficult times. People, companies, governments, entire countries, we all are affected by a virus. And we all work together to get through and overcome challenges.

Supply-chain, logistics, transport and retail, they are business verticals placed in the first line of the battle. The supply for food, medicine, materials, products and equipment cannot be interrupted without wreaking havoc. The work cannot be done from the safety of the home and most of the time workers are in the field, in warehouses, in stores or on route, with risks multiplying with every interaction. One infected worker can quarantine entire teams, with no backup.

In such conditions, the actors in supply-chain need to mitigate several critical aspects:

  • Secure their supply and avoid stock disruptions.
  • Streamline processes by eliminating the unnecessary steps and reducing the staff involved in fulfillment and delivery.
  • Automate decision making and execution as much as possible so that activities are less dependent on on-the-site human presence.
  • Improve online presence and implement e-commerce tools to facilitate their clients’ access to products, while people’s capacity to move is limited.
  • Develop backups and prepare contingency plans. Create redundancies for all teams involved in their supply-chains, including the up- and downstream segments.
  • And, most of all, implement the best available health safety protocols to protect their employees and customers.
In these times of need, our team will carry-on doing its job and deliver on our commitment to support all actors involved in the supply-chain to improve their operations. In this this particular period, we will support all of them to overcome difficulties and adjust their business models to the new market conditions.
  • We provide free access to the Postis Platform, with zero day activation and plug&play integration via APIs
  • We offer free setup and consultancy, free integration, no upfront cost
  • We give access to ready made integrations with most couriers, transporters and WMS, ERP, TMS and e-commerce platforms to simplify change management
  • We enable transport redundancies among more than 50 delivery options everywhere in Romania, Europe or internationally
  • We provide tools to simplify the fast adoption of online and e-commerce
  • We optimize and automate critical processes to protect the personnel and reduce the need for on-site work

If you need to adapt your business model fast, give us a call and we will be ready to help.

At the end of this period, we will all be stronger. People will rediscover the value of their time and enjoy it more with friends and families. Where possible, work from home may become the new norm and working will be more effective. Companies will use more digital systems and e-commerce to shorten their supply-chain and meet their customers, right there where they are. Life will go on, just with different tools. Because in difficult times, it’s the time when evolution happens.

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