Interview with Mircea Axente-Stan, co-founder Postis, on how to increase efficiencies in retail and supply-chain

November 22, 2019
The Postis co-founder and CEO has been interviewed by on how the company was established, has grown and become a valuable partner for all the actors from retail and supply-chain which are looking to achieve delivery operations excellency for unmatched customer experiences.
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Mircea Axente-Stan
Radu Țoncu

The interview has been taken on November 2019 as part of the “Entrepreneur in Romania” Series run by, a project aimed at growing the entrepreneurship spirit among the Romanian business community, share best practices and collect valuable insights directly from leaders with proven success.

In 40+ minutes, Mircea tells about the risks which an entrepreneur faces when he tries to turn great ideas in viable businesses, the challenges a leader faces when he puts together a team of skilled people united by a shared vision, the difficulties a small company faces when it approaches established, large companies and propose them to transform and optimize their current business models, and the way great ideas have to be launched on the market in order to attract investors and customers.

To find out all of these and more, watch the full interview, in Romanian, on

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