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January 18, 2021
Postis partners with SendSMS to extend its platform’s built-in communication tools
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Andrei Moldoveanu

Due to changes in buyer behaviour and the use of online sales channels for more types of products, on an ever increasing scale, the logistics processes gain strategic importance for retailers and the relations between brand and customers. Operational excellency, delivery solutions diversification, total transparency and continuous communication along the entire purchasing journey are decisive factors for online sales success and customer loyalty.

The partnership between SendSMS and Postis aims at extending the communication capabilities built within the Postis Platform, to be used by retailers and e-commerce players in their relations with customers. Due to new SMS notification and bi-directional communication functionalities that add to existing e-mail and SMS tools, Postis creates and integrated, omni-channel communication system, flexible, customizable, scalable and capable to answer to the most difficult retail objectives, and adapted to any customer profile.

The two communication media offer their respective advantages. While e-mail allows for rich formatting and a more complex information structure, SMS increases efficiency and provides access to population segments with lower technological endowment, or on the move. 99% of SMS messages received by customers are opened, and 90% of them are read in the first 3 minutes after they are delivered. Through SMS, uni- and bi-directional communication becomes faster and more fluent.

The integrated SMS / e-mail communication system available within the Postis Platform is used to notify customers on their delivery status, from the moment the order is placed until the parcel reaches its destination. Customer communication can be continued after delivery through feedback forms and customer surveys, after every delivery. More, the system allows for customized offers to be advertised, right in the customers’ mobile. In this way, full visibility over delivery is provided to customers, and their feedback is always taken into consideration for improvement and optimization.

Our platform has been built to offer IT infrastructure and expertise needed to disrupt and transform retail, logistics and transportation sectors, in order to achieve operational excellency and to create differentiating purchasing experiences. This is why we created the Postis Community, where we collaborate with our clients, with all significant players from Romania or abroad and with best digital tech providers, and together we create new industry standards to help the whole market to grow. I am glad to announce today our partnership with SendSMS, who bring to our platform top-notch technology and their rich experience in customer communication.

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

The partnership between SendSMS and Postis offers to retailers and e-commerce players significant benefits:

  • advanced technologies for omni-channel customer notification and permanent bi-directional communication are integrated within the same platform they use for distribution and delivery management, optimization and automation
  • unique link for order tracking, delivered through SMS and e-mail
  • enhanced customer experiences, with the possibility to create customized communication scenarios, depending on their profile
  • simplified campaign management, with a single point of support, a single invoice, reduced time for implementation and decreased operational costs, by using a single platform for omni-channel communication
  • the possibility to communicate with customers from allover the world, with cost efficiency, by using local operators integrated within the same platform

We are happy to put our technologies at the service of Postis customers and contribute to the transformation of logistics and supply-chain processes into powerful marketing and customer relations tools. We bring more than 12 years of experience in SMS marketing and mobile advertising and, together with Postis, we build flexible, scalable tools that contribute to the success of retailers from Romania and the whole world.

Liviu Băltoi, CEO SendSMS

Postis Platform offers to retailers and e-commerce players optimal delivery solutions relative to cost, delivery time, destination or type of product, regardless the logistics eco-system they use. Retailers have transport solutions in Romania, Europe or the rest of the world, integrated and available within a unique platform, for any type of product or packaging (envelope, parcel, oversized, palletized), in the richest range of delivery options: anytime (express under 1 hour, same day, next day, planned deliveries), anywhere (at home, in the office, in a selected store of the retailer, in a pick-up point from partnering locker networks), anyhow (online payment, cash or card on delivery), with added value services. More, customers are always in control, with permanent visibility, transparency and predictability along the delivery journey, from warehouse or store to home.

For details on other capabilities of our partner SendSMS, please visit their site.

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