Mircea Stan, Postis' CEO, was part of "În fața ta" business show on Digi24

July 27, 2021
This weekend, Mircea Stan has discussed with Claudiu Pândaru and Florin Negruțiu about the entrepreneur's journey to success
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Mircea Stan, În fața ta, on Digi24 TV channel
Radu Țoncu

Mircea Stan, CEO of Postis, was the guest of the national TV station Digi24 in the show "In front of you" moderated by Claudiu Pândaru and Florin Negruțiu.

In an hour-long show, the three discussed on entrepreneur's path to success and how technology startups are transforming logistics, retail and transportation and are improving the companies' relationships with their customers.

From the tricks addressed to those who want to start their entrepreneurial life, we chose a few

When is it best to get into entrepreneurship?

43 years is the average age at which entrepreneurs have the highest chance of success, but starting at an early age gives the entrepreneur a chance to experiment and learn from mistakes.

Why do you become an entrepreneur in the first place?

To help people, to be close to customers, to do something that really matters.

What are the essentials to start your entrepreneurial journey?

  • reserves - when you give up the security of a corporate job, you need to make sure that you have the resources that will allow you and your family to live for a year - a year and a half
  • the idea - is the essential starting point, but it quickly becomes your guiding beacon, which gets tested, refined and transformed through market interactions
  • the team - you need to have by your side people that you trust and supplements the resource abundance which you grew accustomed with in your corporate life
  • investment - at first you can not be too picky and you draw funding that helps you move forward; at some point, you get to choosing those partners who help you not only with money, but also with know-how

What do you have to do to succeed?

  • you make the plan A in case of success, the plan B in case you fail
  • you prioritize and choose what you will develop; also, make a list of things you will refuse to do, because you will not have time for everything
  • get out of your comfort zone and be ready to throw yourself into the unknown
  • you have to set your mind for success
  • be flexible and open to novelty, because the market will be much different from what you thought at the beginning and you will learn in a few months of entrepreneurship what you have learn in years of corporate work
  • listening to your customers, because they will guide you on the road to success

5 years after Postis was established, how do you measure success?

  • we have created a platform that really helps retailers to optimize their logistics, distribution and delivery processes
  • more than 150 companies in Romania and Europe have become better and more efficient with our contribution, too
  • their online and offline customers have an unprecedented transparency when they buy and get their orders delivered, with an improved end-to-end experience
  • we have helped both retailers and their customers to cope with the changes that occurred in recent years due to the pandemic, by rapidly adopting new delivery methods: locker deliveries, scheduled deliveries, express deliveries
  • we are replicating our idea in other markets, where similar needs are present

For the rest of the tips & tricks for successful entrepreneurship, we invite you to watch the interview.

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