On May 26, Postis joins the Business Evolution Webinar by Doing Business

May 15, 2020
Find out from leading local and international companies about the trends, challenges, opportunities and response strategies for supply-chains in manufacturing, logistics and retail
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Radu Țoncu

On May 26, Doing Business organizes a webinar dedicated to manufacturing, logistics and retail, as part of the Business Evolution events platform.

Postis will join leading companies in these industries and present the role of digital platforms in the supply-chain process optimization and the automation of delivery, so that companies increase their capacity to adapt and thrive in uncertain environments.

Radu Țoncu, CMO @Postis, will use his experience in advertising, marketing and consultancy to approach the use of digital technology and data in supply-chains from a customer centric perspective. He will present the shifts in consumers' expectations that drive growth and how Delivery Operations Excellency creates Unmatchable Customer Experiences.

Meet the other speakers and register to the webinar on the online event's web page.

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