Last Friday, ZF IT Generation took an ample interview to Mircea Stan, CEO @Postis.

In 25 minutes, he presented how the company has evolved in the past 2 years and how the growth did accelerate in the last 2 months due to the uncertainties faced by retail and logistics companies following the COVID-19 pandemic. To those companies in need, Postis provides process optimization, quick IT systems integration with transporters, couriers, 3rd party logistics suppliers and the fast adoption of online presence and e-commerce.

More, the company offers its consultancy services, platform enrollment, integration, setup and optimization scenarios customization free of charge, so that customers do not need to pay any upfront cost.

During the interview, Mircea announced that the company is preparing for a new, Series A investment round, planned for the second half of the year with a venture capital firm that would enable the fast expansion in European territories.

Thank you, Adrian Seceleanu, for the opportunity. In order to see the full interview, get to ZF IT Generation page.