Postis becomes member of ARILOG – the Romanian Logistics Association

July 2, 2020
ARILOG - Postis partnership for industry best practices in logistics and supply-chain
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Radu Țoncu

Starting July 2020, Postis has become a member of the Romanian Logistics Association - ARILOG. From this position, the company will increase its effort to create industry best practices and support all actors in supply-chain and transportation to achieve operational excellency through the use of digital platforms and integrated data.


„Right from the beginning 4 years ago, our focus was to build an open ecosystem of retailers, logistics integrators, e-fulfillers, warehouse operators, transporters, couriers and technology providers, all integrated in the same platform to generate industry best practices that make the shipment of goods simpler, faster, easier, less expensive, more eco-friendly for everybody.

Together with ARILOG and other members of the association, we will combine our technical expertise and data science with their supply-chain and logistics complexities so that the entire industry could benefit and transform.”

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis


The Postis Platform bridges ERP, WMS, TMS systems, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces and seamlessly orchestrates data traffic up and downstream the supply-chain in order to optimize the transport planning and automate best delivery option allocation.


„We are thrilled to welcome Postis among our members. They have a fresh, innovative approach towards digital tools for logistics market and we want to take advantage of their experience and know-how and share it with our members and any other player in logistics, transportation and retail.

I am sure that the level of knowledge and education, vital attributes in the digital world, can be risen with the support of our new member, Postis. We will announce very soon new projects for our community.”

Adriana Pălășan, President ARILOG


Together, ARILOG and Postis will create tools and programs that will enable the logistics community to share best practices and improve the performance of supply-chain processes through the use of digital platforms, automation and data science.


More information will be distributed on the ARILOG and Postis websites.

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