The Polish market starts showing greater interest in the ins and outs of Postis

December 4, 2023
Postis in the Polish News
Adina Morisca

This November, Postis has started gaining more exposure in the Polish market. Two publications got their interest stirred to understand better and cover the activities and whys behind our mission.

Puls Biznesu, a Polish publication covering business and economic topics, spoke about us from a general perspective. In short, the article highlighted the increasing investment flow from Poland to Romania and the expansion of Romanian companies, such as ours, into the Polish market, driven by the potential opportunities in Poland's e-commerce sector and logistical advantages.

The covered ideas in the article were: 

  • Postis, a Romanian company providing software connecting e-shops with courier companies, is looking to expand in Poland, considering it to be a key market.
  • Postis, operating since 2017, offers a SaaS platform that automatically determines the best delivery methods for online orders.
  • The company focuses on serving medium and large e-commerce stores, with annual recurring subscription revenue exceeding €1 million.
  • Postis, currently generating the majority of its revenue in Romania, sees Poland as a significant opportunity for development due to its large e-commerce market and logistical advantages.
  • Polish-Romanian trade reached about EUR 11 billion last year, with machinery and mechanical equipment being the main exports and imports.
  • Differences in mentality between Romania and Poland are noted, with Romania being described as more southern, open, and flexible in terms of business culture.

The second publication, Rzeczpospolita, one of the four most important business and e-commerce newspapers with a readership of about 130k per issue, focused more on the Black Friday context and how such delivery of a solution addresses a lot of pain points and simplifies the overall process.  

The article starts by touching on the current state of the parcel market. 

  • The parcel market in Poland is recovering from a post-pandemic slowdown, with companies in the courier, express, and parcel (KEP) sector anticipating a strong end-of-year performance.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are crucial for determining the industry's outlook during the traditional pre-Christmas shopping rush.

The analysis moved from the current state to an x-ray of growth, competition, challenges, and positive outlook for a SaaS platform such as Postis.

 Rapid Growth and Competition:

  • The courier industry in Poland is rapidly growing, as evidenced by a significant increase in the number of companies, particularly one-person businesses, in the first three quarters of the year.
  • Our entrance into the Polish market is aimed at becoming a major player in e-commerce delivery within two years.

Challenges in the KEP Industry:

  • Intense competition is leading to lower margins and price reductions, impacting the financial condition of courier companies.
  • Approximately 69% of courier companies are in poor financial condition, with 8% in very poor condition.
  • More than half a thousand businesses in the KEP industry have been suspended in the current year, citing increased costs as the primary reason.

‘’LastMileOS platform gives stores access to more than 250 courier and shipping companies across Europe. Opening a branch in our country, Postis has an ambitious goal - it promises to become one of the most important players in the e-commerce delivery sector within two years. It already has strategic partnerships to its credit (with Amazon, Carrefour, and Ikea, among others).’’

‘’We have invested more than €2.5 million in the development of the platform over the past few years. We are confident in our quality and capabilities, entering Poland," Mircea Stan, the CEO stated in this article. 

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