Postis Platform: 40% growth acceleration due to home lockdown

May 8, 2020
During home lockdown, purchase behaviors changed and new habits are here to stay.
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Radu Țoncu

This week, Ziarul Financiar published an article on the impact of COVID-19 crisis and home lockdown on retail, purchase behaviors and the activity of Postis.

During the 45 days since the home lockdown has been enforced in Romania, the number of deliveries processed by the Postis Platform accelerated with 40% over the estimated organic growth.

This acceleration was caused by two factors. Firstly, existing customers, such as Cărtureşti, Flanco, Ikea or Elefant, moved their sales from physical stores to online.

Secondly, 10 new customers opted for the Postis Platform and currently are in consulting, enrollment, testing or live sales phase. They are both small retailers that needed to boost their online presence and adopt e-commerce tools, and large food retailers that needed to accelerate the implementation of digital sales tools and optimize their home delivery processes.

In order to support retailers in need, our company eliminated all entry barriers. There are no upfront costs: consultancy, enrollment, systems integration and optimization scenarios setup are services offered for free. The customers pay only when their deliveries are processes through the Postis Platform on a "Pay as you grow" basis. When volumes are predictable and relatively constant, customers can also opt for month subscriptions.

" We estimate that the number of customers that opt for the Postis Platform will continue to grow at an accelerated pace. Online purchases, card payments, home deliveries, all these transformations which now happened forcefully are here to stay and will become basic tools for every retailer who wants to develop on a long term”.

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

In order to read the full article, please visit the publication's site here.

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