Postis Platform, one and a half year after it won the 2018 Innovation in Supply-Chain Contest by Tranzit Magazine

March 26, 2020
Due to an increased demand in digital techs and automation applied to logistics, the publication asked our company for details on our Platform's evolution and plans for the future.
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Radu Țoncu

Earlier this March, Mircea Stan, CEO @Postis, gave an ample interview to the Tranzit Magazine on how the company evolved in the past year and a half since it won the second edition of the Annual Innovation in Supply-Chain Contest.

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

Mircea exposed to the publication’s readers the functionalities integrated in the Postis Platform and the benefits they generate to all actors involved in the supply-chain.

During the interview, he identified the types of business that can gain efficiency, cost effectiveness and better customer experience through process automation and delivery management.

He mentioned optimization scenarios, with use cases where data science and automation can provide fast, yet long term results.

He also provided information on development plans for 2020 and beyond related to product development, teams, customers, expansion and investors.

To read the full interview and learn more, visit the publication’s site, available in Romanian or any other language through the Google Translate website add-on, on

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