Postis was part of GoTech World 2020 as Digital Transformer

November 24, 2020
See Andrei Moldoveanu, Product Owner Postis, presenting on the Retail & eCommerce stage @GoTech World 2020 Online Event
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Florin Bulgarov

GoTech World Event was, in 2020, the highest form of expression of everything we experienced this year. It was about the way our lives, social experiences and business networking change in new conditions and how digital technologies help everyone to cope with difficult times and even thrive.

Online presentations, remote presence, digital interactions, virtual company booths and distant socializing, they all were part of the show. Due to digital techs, GoTech World remained, even in pandemics, the largest business event in Central & Eastern Europe: 14.230 visitors, 83 exhibitors, 130 international and local speakers, 112 sessions, 8 stages, 2.500+ digital & IT solutions.

Postis was part of this event as Digital Transformer on the Retail & eCommerce stage.

The first LogTech startup in Romania, Postis advocated for the transformation of logistics, transportation and retail sectors with the help of digital technologies: open platforms, systems integration, process automation, data analytics, machine learning algorithms, fueled by large, homogenous process datasets.

Andrei Moldoveanu, Product Owner @Postis, presented on how IT disrupts the traditional ways of doing things. If you did not manage to join the event on November 12, you have a second chance to see his presentation below.

We thank everyone who made time to visit our company's virtual booth and all those how attended Andrei's presentation.

Also, special thanks to the GoTech World team, who made it possible, even in the harshest conditions. See you next year. 

And, until the next GoTech event, feel free to get in touch with us whenever you need some advice, here.

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Transform your logistics and delivery through data science and state of the art digital tech.