The FANbox locker network is available already in the Postis Delivery Widget, and deliveries can be free

October 20, 2022
Activate the FANbox option for your online store, and get 100 free locker deliveries until December 31st
FANbox locker network
Radu Țoncu

Announced yesterday, the new FANbox locker network is implemented by the leader of the Romanian carrier market, FAN Courier. In this way, the delivery options offered are expanded in order to meet an increasingly active online shopper, who is hard to find at home.

Online commerce with home delivery took off during pandemics, primarily due to the imposed mobility restrictions, then due to the convenience and easiness of purchases made from the comfort of the home, and other benefits that were discovered by customers. At the same time, we saw an increase in locker delivery due to the no-contact policy enabled by self-service technologies.

Nevertheless, in the post-pandemic period, we are witnessing an acceleration of locker deliveries also as a result of employees resuming their work from the office, with a greater need for flexibility and control over the moment of delivery.

From the retailers' perspective, locker deliveries help them personalize the Click-to-Door shopping experience offered to their customers, ensure increased efficiency and rigorous control. With the launch of the FANbox network, these benefits are also available for retailers using FAN services:

  • More flexibility and convenience: lockers are available around the clock, and buyers no longer depend on couriers' schedules and routes; shoppers have up to 3 days to pick-up their order;
  • Accessible, proximity location: FANbox already has an extensive coverage in large urban areas, and by the summer of 2023 the network will reach 1000 units all over the country;
  • Increased security, by being located in areas with monitored traffic, and being provided with video surveillance and burglar alarm;
  • Lower transport costs as compared to to-door-delivery services;
  • Reduced return and refusal rate;
  • More control: the shopper decides the place and time where he picks-up the shipment, and with each stage of the order, he receives notifications by e-mail and SMS;
  • Ease of use: simple operations to pick-up or drop-off orders, also card payment is available;
  • Lower CO2 footprint, as locker deliveries are environmentally friendly.

The FANbox network is already integrated into the Postis Platform, and is easily accessible to shoppers through the Postis Delivery Widget

Retailers who already use FAN Courier services, only have to activate the locker delivery option, and the Postis Delivery Widget, integrated in the store's shopping cart, will display the lockers close to recipient's address of interest, on the map or in a list.

Through Postis, deliveries in FANbox are free

Well, not quite all of them, but the first 100 shipments made by retailers who optimize and automate their last-mile deliveries with the help of the Postis Platform. The 100 free deliveries must be made by December 31, 2022, and are a good opportunity to test all the new benefits, for free.

How can you use the FANbox network?

You can implement the new locker option for orders delivery, pick-up or return.

FANbox lockers can also be used to redirect, with the shopper's consent, shipments that could not be delivered to the recipient's address in the first place.

The processes are simple, integrated with those which both you and your customers are already familiar with. The shopper quickly has access to his order via the PIN or QR code communicated in the SMS or e-mail messages sent to update the delivery status.

And in the case of cash on delivery payments, they can be paid securely and easily by card, directly at the terminal.

Learn more about the way FANbox lockers can work for your online store, from the FAN website.

And if you want to quickly activate this new delivery option and start testing it for free with the first 100 deliveries, give us a sign and we'll help you.

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