The rise of LogTech. How IT disrupted the logistics and transportation sectors.

October 15, 2020
Save the date for November 12, when Postis joins the GoTech 2020 Online Event as Digital Transformer on the Retail and E-Commerce Stage
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Postis joins GoTech 2020
Florin Bulgarov

With poor transparency and predictability that exacerbates an already fragmented industry, traditional logistics and transportation companies are plagued by underutilization of assets, old and inefficient manual processes, and outdated, siloed IT systems that fail to provide the flexibility, adaptability, scalability and lower response times required by e-commerce growth.

Logistics need to be reinvented and shift from traditional supply-chains to open supply networks. In the new paradigm, not assets, but digital data and the capacity to provide ad-hoc supply-chain connections become the key to success.

This is where the LogTech startups are born. This is the place where Postis became the Romanian LogTech innovator to disrupt the logistics and transportation through its open digital platform.

Andrei Moldoveanu, Product Owner @Postis, has an extensive experience in software engineering and business analysis, and coordinates the product development team with Postis. Together with the members of the Postis Community, he integrates within our platform different business typologies and complexities, use cases, optimization scripts and develops product features that generate new industry best practices and help the entire market to evolve.

Andrei holds a a Masters Thesis in Distributed Diagnosis with Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble and a Masters Degree in Advanced Automatics with The Bucharest Polytechnics Institute.

Save the date and join Andrei on November 12, starting 10.45, to learn from his presentation how IT disrupts logistic and transportation sectors and how distribution and last-mile delivery transform.

Postis joins The GoTech 2020 Online Event

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