Two business innovators join forces to improve deliveries

June 3, 2021
Postis joins the "Big Small Business" Platform by Visa
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Postis joins the "Big Small Business" Platform by Visa
Radu Țoncu

Visa has launched a platform that helps Romanian SMEs to acquire digital skills, adopt online marketing and sales solutions and benefit from the advantages of electronic payments.

Companies that use a Visa Business card issued from a Romanian bank can benefit from the Postis-Visa special offer, which includes:

  • free access to all Postis Platform features for the first contracted month, regardless of the processed orders volume
  • 30% discount applied to our regular service fee for the first year of contract
  • free usage of eShop Delivery Widget for the contract lifetime

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on small and medium-sized businesses is significant. The pandemic crisis exacerbated some of the vulnerabilities that SMEs were already facing, such as market access difficulty, the lack of process optimization systems, or the reduced negotiation power with suppliers.

To help them overcome such difficulties, Postis joined in the Visa program other tech innovators such as Google, Spotify, Vodafone, WordPress or Facebook, and contributes to the digital transformation and acceleration of Romanian companies’ development.

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by Postis-Visa partnership for your company. Ask for your offer now!
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