Welcoming Radu Țoncu to the Postis team

February 5, 2020
Starting January 2020, our team grew with the addition of Radu Țoncu in the position of Chief Marketing Officer. He brings to our team and puts at our customers’ disposal his experience in B2B and B2B2C marketing and CX management and will contribute to our business development, in Romania and across Europe.
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Radu Țoncu joins Postis
Andrei Moldoveanu

Radu brings with him 25 years of experience in advertising, branding, marketing, and consultancy, combining his long-standing business experience with an obsession for efficiency and effectiveness.

He has a strong background in B2B and B2B2C sectors, digital technologies, marketing, and communication and a career built with passion, focus on people, desire for perfection, interest in technology, curiosity about everything, and a lot of logical thinking.

“I came into the entrepreneurship environment with years of experience in multinational teams, and I’m always looking for professionals with a great background and a strong desire to make a change. We had chemistry with Radu from our first meetings, and even if he just joined us in January, it seems like he was here for a long time. Postis is moving this year from the startup phase to the scale-up stage of its development and, to do so, we rely on the support of our customers and partners, and on a full team of experienced people that share the same vision: to move forward and advance the retail market as a whole, with the help of digital technologies.“

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

Radu is joining us in a period when our company grows in Romania and prepares to expand its footprint across Europe. He will be part of our effort to further develop the Postis platform into an open eco-system of retailers, logistics operators, warehouses, transporters, couriers, technology partners, and online developers, all united through seamless flows of data to create new and improved customer experiences.

Photo of Radu Țoncu
“In the past 7 and a half years, I preached for the transformation of businesses through digital technologies and the use of data from within the leading IT&C company in Romania. I had the opportunity to witness from behind the scene this transformational movement being born, grow, gain traction, and evolve. From operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness back in 2012, when many companies were still not completely recovered from the economic crisis, nowadays, the focus is on growth, customer experience, differentiation, and value creation.
I found in Postis a team of senior professionals experienced in IT, product development, and logistics, all committed to the same goal. From this point of view, my job here will be a natural continuation of my previous effort to promote and educate on the benefits of technology applied to businesses. But this time I will do it much more applied to the retail vertical and focused on how the members of logistic chains and technology providers can better collaborate in order to simplify, fasten and improve the way goods move from manufacturers to warehouses to end-users’ homes.”

Radu Țoncu, CMO Postis

The Postis Platform is growing thanks to our customers and partners. And so does our team, as we desire to make the best of it. Radu is the first from a series of new additions to our team in 2020, which will allow us to accommodate the fast adoption and growth in usage of The Postis Platform across Romanian and European markets. If you are interested to know more about our current job openings, visit our dedicated Job section or drop us an email.

And if you wish to get to know more about Radu, visit his Linkedin profile.

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