ZF.live with Cristian Hostiuc and Mircea Stan on Black Friday in pandemics

November 13, 2020
Learn from a 30 minutes interview what is different with e-commerce at the end of 2020, what are the problems that retailers have and how digital technologies can help
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ZF.live on Black Friday in pandemics
Radu Țoncu

This week, Cristian Hostiuc, editorial director at Ziarul Financiar, interviewed Mircea Stan, CEO Postis, on Black Friday in pandemics, what is different with e-commerce at the end of 2020, what are the problems that retailers have and how digital technologies can help.

Here are some highlights.

With pandemics, Black Friday in 2020 is completely different

  • retailers expect a minimal 20% growth
  • partial mobility restrictions add pressure on logistics and delivery
  • the range of star-products will be different compared to the average Black Friday, as customers shifted their demand towards home usage, pandemics related products
  • the challenge for retailers is to match their product range predictions and stocks with customers’ product preferences, which are still to be confirmed
  • new products are on the rise for delivery in pandemics: FMCG dispatched from hypermarkets and supermarkets – canned food, fresh food with express and planned delivery
  • customer expectations change, with a focus on predictability and control in delivery, hence the growth for planned delivery and pickup from store or locker boxes

Postis Platform helps retailers to cope with doubled pressure from Black Friday and pandemics

  • multiple delivery solutions fit to any type of product, destination or SLA
  • multiple delivery options: anywhere (at home, in selected store, locker box), anytime (express, same day, next day, planned), anyhow (online payment, cash on delivery, card on delivery)
  • multi-criterial best option selection: cost of delivery, cost of returns, speed, performance, customer satisfaction
  • market diversification with international deliveries, with the highest demand in electronics, books, toys
  • returns management: refused parcels, returned products, cash collection, service
  • delivery quality guaranteed

The Postis Platform, the solution for fast delivery, high quality service, full control and differentiating customer experiences

  • Matching retailer demand with carrier offer with customers’ preferences for delivery
  • Multiple criteria used in automated best option selection – speed, performance, price, territory, delivery safety, added value services
  • Process optimization, from order generation and collection to delivery and customer feedback

See the full interview here.

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