Radu Țoncu

Business Re.Invented #12 is about the continuous transformation that retailers need to undertake in order to remain fresh and relevant.

This edition tells the story of Flanco, the leading Romanian IT&C retailer that grows internationally.

This subject is discussed by leading experts in logistics:

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  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 00:24 Laura Simion and the way she traded online fashion for the omnichannel IT&C.
  • 03:22 Flanco România, scaling up internationally.
  • 05:53 How to use marketplaces to expand your territorial reach, in control.
  • 11:55 Returns in cross-border e-commerce and how to prepare your logistics to make it right.
  • 16:29 Integrating dropshipping as a way to increase efficiency in logistics and delivery.
  • 18:14 Black Friday at Flanco in an omnichannel, international environment. How is it organized and how it works.
  • 24:42 Plans for 2023. What comes next at Flanco.
  • 26:49 Conclusions.

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