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October 29, 2020
Cărturești uses Postis Platform to manage the reusable packaging journey.
Customer Stories
Valerica Motoc

For almost 20 years, Cărturești established a new standard to what a library means to its public and the entire community where it exists. Just as books feed the imagination and puts the entire universe in the palm of a reader, Cărturești became the place where new experiences are discovered and good friendships are born, every day.

Cărturești made reading cool again through a rich selection of books, music, art films and everything that makes the mind roam to undiscovered places: unique architectures, fine teas, decorations, art objects, games, gadgets and more. Either as a physical place or as an online library, telling great stories, creating unique experiences and bringing communities together around books became the purpose of the company.

Aware of its educational role for the entire society, Cărturești is also an active promoter of durable development and environment protection. One of its latest programs was developed in partnership with R-CREATE and Postis and consists in the use of reusable eco-friendly packaging for online orders. The books are delivered in their original packaging and sealed in a R-CREATE bag which, after being opened by the client, is handed to the courier to be returned, disinfected and used again for up to 20 times. In this way, cardboard waste is eliminated and the impact on environment is significantly reduced.

When placing an order, the customer can opt for the returnable packaging for a tiny fee that covers the entire delivery and return process. The Postis Platform automatically selects one of the two delivery solutions enrolled in the program and manages the entire journey, from warehouse to customer and back. The built-in Track&Trace tools of the platform enable continuous visibility on delivery and returns statuses, so that the R-CREATE bags are always available for new deliveries and no out-of-stock situations for reusable packaging occur.

The R-CREATE returnable packaging and the program we built around it represents a new step we choose to make in order to reduce our impact on environment. We have been and we will always be an active part of the society and we will always bring something new to make life better. After the pilot phase we rolled in June, we are confident that our public is ready for a shift of paradigm and together with our partners, we will set new standards for the entire e-commerce community.

Adrian Păun, Online Marketing Manager Cărturești

Cărturești started to optimize its delivery processes and automate the best option selection through the Postis Platform in 2018. In less than 2 years, the platform contributed to significant reductions of delivery budgets, improved performance and quality along delivery and returns journeys, end-to-end visibility and predictability and full control.

Ever since we established our company and created the Postis Platform, we worked hard to provide the delivery operations excellency required for unmatchable customer experiences.

We are thrilled that visionary clients like Cărturești bring innovative programs and use our digital technologies to implement them seamlessly. The reusable packaging is yet another great example that, when properly done and managed, logistic processes can be turned into powerful marketing tools and customer experience enablers.

Radu Țoncu, CMO Postis

The R-CREATE bag for books is just the first solution for the circular packaging approach brought by the company to the online market. Next, new packaging solutions will be launched to be integrated within digital journeys, so that various needs of the online industry are covered: anti-shock solutions, compact parcels for multiproduct baskets, digital seals for increased security and more. For details on company's offer, visit their site here.

And if you want to discover the memorable experiences you’ll find at Cărturești, check their site here.

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