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April 2, 2021
Postis partners with BeeFast and extends its express delivery eco-system
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Radu Țoncu

In the past 4 years, Postis Platform has integrated for Romanian and CEE retailers all their sales channels with all carry solutions they needed for faster, simpler, better, safer, cost effective distribution and delivery.

With more and more people placing online orders for an ever increasing range of products, the variety of carrier typologies has grown, too.

One of the trending expectations among post-pandemic digital customers is express delivery. This is why, Postis has partnered with BeeFast to enhance its reach and quality of delivery services available to all retailers it serves.

BeeFast is a Romanian tech startup specialized in deliveries in less than 2 hours from pick-up to customer’s door. The service is currently available everywhere in Bucharest and in Ilfov County and is planned to expand fast to large cities, nationwide. The range of products currently delivered by the company is extended to food and non-food categories such as documents, gifts, non-standard packaging, fresh or ultra-fresh produce, IT equipment.

“We always welcome skilled partners that make the Postis Community stronger and better and help us to improve our clients' businesses and end-customers’ lives.
BeeFast brings to our partnering eco-system the great expertise they gathered in food delivery, where the speed, the quality of service and the care for delivered products are key. Such features are very important for any type of deliveries, be it food or non-food, therefore their service will prove a great addition to the carrier portfolio of any retailer that needs express deliveries.”

Andrei Moldoveanu, Product Owner Postis

Express deliveries represent one of the key delivery diversifications required by the new, post-pandemic digital customer. People that buy online are more demanding than ever and want to have full control over their orders, both when they choose when, how and where their products are delivered, and also along the entire delivery journey. This is why Postis pays great attention to the end-customer’s experience and helps retailers and e-Commerce players turn last-mile delivery processes into powerful marketing tools.

  • Postis Delivery Widget allows retailers to give the power of choice to their clients. With a simple integration within online shops, customers can opt right from the shopping cart how their parcels are delivered. With 5 simple clicks, they choose the moment (express, standard or scheduled) and the place (delivered at an address, self pick-up from a physical store or one of the 2.000+ lockers or pick-up points integrated with Postis)
  • Postis Customer Engagement Service allows retailers to keep their customers informed in real-time over their delivery status, via SMS and e-mail
  • Postis CX Tracker allows retailers to know their customers’ perception on every delivery, with built-in rating, feedback and NPS forms

“We welcome our partnership with Postis, as we share the same vision to make delivery simpler, better, faster.
Postis technologies and integrations allow us to offer our quality services to a larger number of retailers without the need for IT developments or new processes and journeys. Retailers just need to call for our services and start immediately using our deliveries, with a simple activation within the Postis Platform. It all goes smoothly and fast, just as the flight of a bee.”
Cristian Grozea, Co-founder and CEO, BeeFast

If you are a retailer that needs express deliveries, take a look on the BeeFast website for details on services and availability.

And if you are a carrier that wants to become a member of Postis Community too, give us a call.

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