Flanco reaches 2 Million deliveries with Postis

August 20, 2020
This August, Flanco was the first Postis customer to go past the 2 Million deliveries milestone
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Andrei Moldoveanu

The second largest electro-IT retailer in Romania, Flanco achieved a sales growth rate double than the market’s average, reaching a value of RON 1.21 Billion in 2019. These results were generated by a continuous efficient growth strategy and a constant focus on customer experience.

"In the last 3 years since we started the partnership with Postis, they brought their contribution to our success through logistics process streamlining, full control and best delivery option automation. More than EUR 600,000 were saved from our delivery budget, achieving at the same time a 25% customer satisfaction improvement, a 20% process efficiency improvement across the entire order to delivery journey and a significant diversification in delivery options."

Cătălin Cîrnaru, Logistics Director Flanco 

In times of pandemics, Flanco has built the most complex omni-channel eco-system in Romania to deliver products to its customers in complete safety, shortest time and with lowest cost. Depending on their choice, customers can opt from complex acquisition scenarios, such as online purchases with delivery in a Flanco store, at home or a pick-up point, instore purchases with delivery at home or another store of choice, instore pickups with store transfer. Customers can also opt for deliveries anytime, with express deliveries under 1 hour in selected cities, scheduled deliveries, same day or next day everywhere in Romania.

The complex logistics network that enables this enhanced customer journey involves parcel pick-up from 2 Central warehouses and more than 150 physical stores distributed across Romania. The transport services are provided by one ride-hailing platform, 5 national couriers and more than 50 transporters and alternative delivery networks with different typologies and added value services that make sure that each product, from small and expensive IT components to large and heavy electro-equipment, is delivered right. Depending on customer’s choice, the delivery is made at home, at the office, in any Flanco store or in one of the 606 pick-up points integrated with Flanco.

The entire distribution and delivery network is built within the Postis Platform, which allows for seamless integration, fast and agile development, full visibility and predictability, end-to-end control over the entire value chain. Moreover, the customer experience features embedded in the Postis Platform such as information on delivery via SMS or e-mail, customer rating, feedback and NPS enable the retailer to achieve process and cost optimization without compromising its focus on superior customer experience.

"We thank Flanco for becoming our first partner 3 years ago and for being the first customer to achieve 2 Million deliveries processed through our platform. Their business complexity allowed us to develop advanced optimization scenarios, complex logistics scripts and unique features that contributed to Flanco’s success and, now, are also available to all our customers. We believe in the power of the many and, with every customer, our platform grows and improves in the benefit of all members of the Postis eco-system and the entire Romanian retail, e-commerce, and logistics community."
Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

For more on Flanco, the product offer and their purchasing customer experience, please visit their website.

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