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Customer engagement

Go beyond communication

Transparency, predictability, care. They are key ingredients to start a strong relationship between customers and your brand. When they are delivered through communication tools that are intuitive, relevant and non-intrusive, you have the full package for long-term customer loyalty.
With Postis Platform, you get built-in SMS and e-mail centers to allow real-time communication on delivery status, ETA updates, feedback and special offers.
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One link that brings them all together

unified link for status updates and feedback collection, with click & send ergonomics designed for mobile and desktop

at its best

multi-stage SMS and e-mail delivery updates allow you to reach your customers with the right message, the right way


your uni- and bi-directional communication becomes faster and more fluent


rich media and complex information structure provide means for enhanced messaging and customer interactions

Couriers are your new salesmen

In online, delivery is part of your sales journey and a bad last-mile experience can turn a successfully finalized shopping cart into a refused parcel. This is why you need to keep your customer engaged even after the order is placed, with permanent communication.
With Postis Platform, your customers have automated information on delivery and estimated time of arrival.

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Countless carriers, one brand experience

Some carriers have systems that provide information on delivery. Some others, don’t. With Postis Platform, you provide a unified customer engagement along your entire delivery journey, with end-to-end visibility and control regardless the solution you use. More, you messages and forms can be customized according to your brand ID.

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Marketing automation powered by last-mile delivery

Your delivery status updates and post-delivery satisfaction surveys can be integrated in your overall marketing strategies, with message frequency and number of iterations set according to your CX strategy.

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Manage all your Information on Delivery from one single platform

With our built-in e-mail and SMS tools, you have an integrated, omni-channel communication system ready to use. Due to its flexibility, customization and scalability, your communication can be adapted to any customer profile or business objective.

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The best that SMS and e-mail can offer, combined

The two communication media bring their respective advantages. While e-mail allows for complex messages and rich formats, SMS increases efficiency and provides access to population segments with lower technological skills or people who are on the move.
99% of SMS messages received by customers are opened, and 90% of them are read in the first 3 minutes after they are delivered.

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