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CX Tracker

Give your customers a voice and they will help you

Your customers help you build your business, so they deserve to be listened and be heard.
With Postis’ built-in rating, feedback and NPS tools, you learn with every delivery what really matters to your clients and which are the weak spots in your last-mile processes that need to be addressed.

Post-delivery rating and feedback

understand what is good or not with your delivery straight from your customer, right when the parcel reaches its destination

at its best

unified link for status updates and feedback collection, with click & send ergonomics designed for mobile and desktop


all messages and feedback forms can be customized, using your brand ID and tone of voice

NPS analytics for your marketing and sales

powerful BI dashboards funnel your customers’ experience by carrier, territory, time, product or type of delivery

Customer feedback used in best delivery selection algorithms

When we select the best delivery option, our algorithms take into consideration criteria relevant to the product, the customer, the place and the conditions they will meet.
More, our algorithms also take into consideration the customers' feedback from similar deliveries in the last 7 days. This way, not only cost, performance or quality counts, but also the fine details that only customers can tell.

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Customer driven journey optimizations and marketing upgrades

Use reports and BI dashboards to get a broad perspective of your customers' perception on delivery and adjust your journeys and resource allocation; then, zoom-in at an order level to get verbatims and find insights that will help you create differentiating, new brand experiences.

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Integrate Postis CX Tracker with your company’s BI Platform

Analytic data can be exported to ready-made or customized reports or it can be automatically pushed to your company’s BI Platform through API integration. Satisfaction analysis can be extended to factors not related to logistics and delivery processes, such as sales campaigns, marketing activities, team or operational changes.

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