4 years beyond expectations

November 19, 2021
These days, it's been 4 years since we started to transform logistics through the power of data and machine-learning algorithms
About Us
Mircea Stan, CEO Postis, at the 4th Postis anniversary
Radu Țoncu

It all started in 2016

At that time, supply chain inefficiencies and frictions between retailers, logistics operators, couriers and carriers needed an optimization solution, without which they risked becoming a bottleneck for the development of an entire industry that was proving increasingly important: e-commerce.

It took a whole year

During which, from a mix of business needs and customers requests, programming skills, business analysis, experience in logistics and transport, thousands of liters of coffee and countless sleepless nights, meetings in a small project team or with customers who had the courage to see the business value before seeing any real product, the idea of ​​an open ecosystem was built, dismantled and rebuilt over and over.

It would become, in 2017, the first digital platform developed in Romania for IT systems integration in logistics, and for the automation, optimization and holistic management of last-mile delivery processes.

Officially, Postis became the first LogTech startup in Romania and a pioneer in unchartered territories.

Another 2 years followed

An increasing number of retailers, fulfillers, couriers, carriers and IT solution providers have seen the value in system integrations, process automation, data aggregation and the use of algorithms for optimization. For their needs of that time, but especially for their chance to develop in the future on a much solid foundation.

The Postis Community was born and began to grow rapidly. A group of companies and specialists gathered around the Platform, where everyone's experiences, each business need, and all solutions we found together, contributed to new best practices in the market and led to the improvement of the retail and logistics sectors as a whole.

The effectiveness of the Postis Platform has been proven in more and more business cases, in more and varied retail types. The results have shown up rapidly as decreases in distribution and delivery costs, the reduction of processing errors, the increase of deliveries quality and performance, the increase of the efficiency on the whole last-mile process, the improvement of the relationship with the customers.

Deliveries have ceased to be a matter of dispute between retailers, customers and carriers, but opportunities to confirm the trust and respect between brands and customers. Together with our partners, we saved millions of work hours, millions of kilometers from unnecessary trips, millions of euros from companies' budgets.

Then came the pandemic

For many types of activity, it was a time when weak spots became breaking points. The postponement of investments in digitization, the lack of experience in change management, the lack of automated processes have made it difficult to adjust business models in retail and logistics, as well as the rapid scaling of operations required by the new health regulations.

For the Postis Community on the other side, the transformation of logistics processes for a digital context and the experience gained in previous years have helped to adapt quickly to the new reality, allowed business continuity and even accelerated growth without significant financial efforts. These were also the reasons why more and more companies, from more and more categories, joined the Postis Community and started using our technologies in an omni-channel or purely digital retail environment.

For Postis, the pandemic was the catalyst that accelerated our development. And because another year has passed, we are larger in numbers, wiser, bigger, more experienced, much focused to move forward and determined to help building stronger businesses and a better world.

4 years after the commercial launch of the Postis Platform, we are a technology startup born in Romania, with an European presence, and recognized worldwide for the advanced artificial intelligence technologies we offer to each of our clients.

Big thanks to each member of the Postis Community for giving us the opportunity to become better.

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Transform your logistics and delivery through data science and state of the art digital tech.