Click-to-Door - the concept that might change e-commerce from a new angle: the customer's

November 2, 2021
One of the most complete analysis reports on the e-commerce market in Romania is available online
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Valerica Motoc

Online retailers have a new topic to debate, but also a strategic framework for 2022. This is the latest study launched on the market: Click-to-Door, a revolutionary concept that stays at the foundation of a detailed report on the e-commerce market, produced in partnership by Postis and InsightOut Analytics.

The launch of the Click-to-Door report addresses a significant need in e-commerce, namely the analysis of the entire purchasing process, starting from the first online interaction with the promotional communication of retailers, continuing with e-shop browsing and the evaluation of product information, following with the selection of purchase and delivery options available in the shopping cart until the package is delivered to the customer's door, and closing the circle with the post-delivery interactions. The Click-to-Door report helps e-commerce businesses of any size and from any industry, providing key data for the online shopping process optimization.

This year, in the first edition of the report, 35 online stores were analyzed, 15 million clicks were taken into account, which materialized in over half a million orders. After a long analysis of 64 essential factors when placing an online order, the conclusions found in the statistics answer hot questions for every online retailer:

  • What sources of traffic bring to the e-shop the customers of the best quality, with the highest average order value and the lowest return rates?
  • How is the popular cashback payment option related to conversion and refusal rates?
  • What is the impact of well-placed product recommendations on visitors and conversions?

The report was launched through a webinar by Mircea Stan (founder and CEO of Postis) and Vlad Marincaș (CEO and Data Scientist InsightOut Analytics), together with Cătălin Cîrnaru (Supply Chain Manager at Flanco Romania), Adrian Păun (Online Marketing Manager at Cărturești) and Laura Sardescu (co-founder of, the whole discussion being moderated by Andrei Radu (founder and CEO of GPeC). If you missed it, you can find tips & tricks from the experts in the recorded webinar.

Innovations such as the Click-to-Door report are examples of impactful solutions for the future, in order to support the development of online stores. Download it, so you can base your decisions on data about your customers' behavior.

The partnership with InsightOut Analytics gave us the opportunity to complement the data through which Postis automates and optimizes delivery processes. Our solutions for automated selection of the best shipping option and for collecting customer feedback on delivery give us a complete picture of the post-order process, but through this collaboration we measure and help retailers to better understand their entire purchasing journey.

Mircea Stan
CEO & Founder Postis

At InsightOut Analytics, we focus on attracting customers and increasing conversion by customizing content with product recommendation engines and customer segmentation, but also on augmented analytics solutions to optimize product offerings and marketing campaigns. We enjoy the partnership with Postis, with the help of which we were able to build a complete image, based on data beyond the order on the website.

Vlad Marincaș
CEO & Data Scientist at InsightOut Analytics
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