INTERSPORT and Postis are expanding their partnership in Southeast Europe

April 29, 2022
One year of partnership, new goals and international development
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INTERSPORT and Postis partnership
Radu Țoncu

The collaboration between INTERSPORT Romania and Postis started in November 2020, in a context in which consumers' attitudes towards sports and a healthy lifestyle had changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemics, sport was a way to compensate the lack of social activities. At home or in the park, alone or with just a few friends, the sport has brought balance to the lives of many Romanians who have seen their daily routine turned upside down by new concepts such as lock-down, social distancing or remote working.

Digital sales channels made it possible for brands and their customers to meet, even when physical stores were closed. Delivered at home, the products reached shoppers more and more easily, faster and faster, as the delivery options and the number of online retailers increased.

These two trends created the perfect context for the INTERSPORT - Postis partnership. The immediate effect was to create a better online shopping experience for sports lovers in Romania, from the first search for their desired product to its use in the first training. Or Click-to-Door, as we, at Postis, call it.

Deliveries have become faster, more efficient, more personal, more predictable. The ways in which Postis helped INTERSPORT to quickly achieve its business objectives were described in detail in an older article from last year.

And as good results, love of sports and online shopping are habits that, once learned, are there to stay, the INTERSPORT - Postis partnership moves to the next level.

We are expanding our partnership internationally

Starting with March 2022, INTERSPORT and Postis extended the collaboration at group level, with Southeast Europe as the first international region in which the processes developed and tested in Romania were extended. Local and cross-border deliveries from Bulgaria, Greece or Cyprus benefit from the same advanced technologies for deliveries optimization, with INTERSPORT offering a unified customer experience wherever its buyers are or wherever the ordered products come from.

Together with INTERSPORT, Postis contributes to the transformation of logistics and delivery processes and increase the quality of interactions with shoppers in Southeast Europe.

  • optimizing local and international transport costs
  • reducing delivery time
  • diversification of delivery options and services available to shoppers
  • improving communication and the relationships with them
  • shortening supply and delivery chains
  • expanding the territories covered by an omni-channel approach
  • increasing the predictability of processes
  • optimal allocation of resources and stocks
  • full transparency regarding delivery conditions

These are just some of the quick effects made possible by the Postis Platform: integrated systems, automated processes, data-driven decisions, artificial intelligence based optimizations.

#WeGrowTogether all over Europe

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